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  1. Plagiarism on the road to success

    You said it, not me...
  2. Plagiarism on the road to success

    ....and yet you said this just 10 minutes earlier.
  3. Plagiarism on the road to success

    You don't think VP was completely at the reins in 1967?
  4. I'll give this a bit of a twist... Dating someone to get them to take PFAL.
  5. NASA Own Video Evidence They Fake Space Exploration

    We had a discussion a while ago, about how ex-TWI people seem to be inordinately attracted to unusual theories. I can't seem to find it at the moment.
  6. NASA Own Video Evidence They Fake Space Exploration

    I dunno, I thought it was rather applicable to the topic at hand.
  7. NASA Own Video Evidence They Fake Space Exploration

    Consider for a moment the incredibly massive number of individuals that would need to be sworn to secrecy to pull off a conspiracy of this magnitude.
  8. The Trinity

    I agree. This is especially true in our current geopolitical climate, where several generations have been conditioned to believe that this or that ethnicity is evil or inferior. These beliefs, if given enough time, do seem to become diluted in the general populace. I think the same will hold true of this trinity issue. Perhaps in another 100 years people will scratch their heads and wonder why people were so consumed with something that doesn't seem to matter to them anymore. edit: As I was typing this, I was thinking specifically about the issue of Korea's "comfort women" and how subsequent generations following WWII have adjusted their beliefs and attitudes as time itself dilutes the first hand and second hand memories.
  9. The Trinity

    The Holy Trinity 1. Treat people the way you would like them to treat you. 2. Help those in need when it's possible to do so. 3. Have fun while you can, 'cause fate's an awful thing.
  10. When the mask came off

    So much for "reaching up into Daddy's cookie jar".
  11. Billy Graham

    I see you point but I don't think terrorists are driven by irony. I think they simply seize on opportunity as it presents itself. OK... Back To discussing Billy Graham
  12. Billy Graham

    "Graham was also close to Richard Nixon — so close that Graham took it upon himself to draft a secret 13-page plan to bomb North Vietnam. In his book “The Golden Age Is In Us: Journeys and Encounters,” Alexander Cockburn cites a declassified 1969 memo Graham wrote after meeting with missionaries in Bangkok. Graham’s plan, he wrote to Nixon, “could overnight destroy the economy of North Vietnam.” Had Nixon followed through, that strike could have killed an estimated million people."
  13. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Proclaim = to say something. "These ideas are useful because I said so." +-+ -+
  14. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Fixed that for you.