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  1. 90s Kid in The Way

    Well, we're glad you are here, Maya. Have a cup of coffee. It's on the house. HERE
  2. Stop the Shootings

    Back in the days of the Renewed Mind class, we were taught about a sort of thought replacement therapy. The basic concept is built around identifying unwanted thoughts and replacing them with thoughts we deem to be more appropriate. Remember "En garde!" and retemory cards? This assumed that thoughts with a scriptural basis were preferable to thoughts without scriptural basis. One example of how the the process works is as follows: You take a glass of red kool-aid and set it under a running water faucet. As the clear water replaces the red kool-aid, the solution becomes increasingly clearer until, finally, no trace of the red coloring remains. For some of life's problems, this may be a viable process. For others... not so much. Sometimes things just don't fit this concept. If a person has a chemical imbalance, all the thought replacement in the world, by itself, is not going to have lasting results. Achieving a desired chemical balance may be the answer. At other times, a combination approach that involves correcting the imbalance and adjusting the thoughts is the correct course of action. Also, some things that are actually based in normal human behavior have been classifieds as unacceptable behavior by society. Such are societal mores. This is where people learn to condition their behavior , despite any thoughts they may have. For example: for a heterosexual man, it's quite normal to have sexually oriented thoughts about women. (apply the same general idea to homosexual individuals.) What is not normal/acceptable is to act impulsively on those thoughts. You can talk until you are blue in the face, you will not erase those urges. What you can do, however, is to educate that person in regards to what is socially acceptable behavior. In conclusion, trying to apply Pollyanna techniques to a complex issue is a recipe for potential failure. I leave you with THIS musical thought for consideration.
  3. Stop the Shootings

    O.K... Here ya go..from the original post... "The quality of life of a society is ultimately determined by the thoughts that each individual in that society holds in their mind. Those thoughts in turn are dependant on the things each individual is told by sources outside of ourselves." There are types of mental health problems that simply don't respond favorably to this approach.
  4. Stop the Shootings

    rrobs All you're doing is reformatting the basic framework of PFAL materials. Do you not realize that's what you're doing?
  5. Stop the Shootings

    rrobs You might find a more receptive audience if you had more to offer than a rehashed version of PFAL 101. We all heard this stuff, over and over, too many times to possibly count. My advise? Read a book or two... get a hobby... volunteer at a local charity...Just do SOMETHING other than trying to make PFAL work. Because, quite frankly, it doesn't.
  6. Plagiarism on the road to success

  7. Stop the Shootings

    This is pretty much an updated repackaging of the challenge VPW put forth in PFAL, along with sprinklings from a half dozen or so various other teachings. ..."Put away all your secular materials for 3 months." (paraphrased a bit) It's just repackaged PFAL dogma. And that's fine, as long as you're willing to subject it to scrutiny in the doctrinal forum.
  8. Stop the Shootings

    This belongs in the doctrinal forum.
  9. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Hi, Tom My point wasn't really a reference to intent. Before the internet, a large part of proving someone had stolen your music was being able to show they had been exposed to it at some point. Such is the case with Led Zeppelin using Taurus as a partial framework for Stairway to Heaven. They toured together and shared the same stage. Zep may have even heard Spirit experiment with various paramutations. So, there's the exposure element for you. Same with Eric Carmen. He undoubtably had extensive exposure to Rachmaninoff material. Wierewille clearly had access and exposure to the works he pilfered. They weren't "previously unknown truths" as he led people to believe. This is where intent to deceive enters the picture. Yes, the problem with authenticity of what was once regaled as sacred is certainly a valid area of interest and quite worthy of exploration. I think what we're talking about here, though, is something of a more basic, fundamental nature...Wierwille actively made a deliberate effort to misrepresent his work and conceal that fact in order to facilitate his own, self-centered interests.
  10. Plagiarism on the road to success

    There's a guy from Cleveland, Ohio, named Eric Carmen, who had a couple of hits in the 1970's. His family is from a Russian background, his aunt was a violinist for the prestigious Cleveland Orchestra. He started studying classical music even before he entered kindergarten. So, one might surmise he was no stranger to the works of Rachmaninoff. Well, it turns out that All By Myself was partially based on Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2 in C minor/Opus 18. Never Gonna Fall in Love Again was influenced by the second movement of Rachmaninoff's Symphony #2. It was no coincidence. Carmen had probably been exposed to these works hundreds of times. The problem he encountered is that he thought they were in public domain. In fairness to him, I should note he was, at that point, not much more than a local kid, trying to break out on the music scene, not yet versed in the legalities of the music industry. His error was quickly discovered and he reached a royalty agreement with Rachmaninoff's estate. Wierwille's deliberate deception, on the other hand, took decades to come to light. Some still can't accept the reality of it. It's quite a different and darker issue than the Eric Carmen/Rachmaninoff controversy.
  11. Way Kids

    Who knew human reproduction could be so complicated?
  12. Plagiarism on the road to success

    I should have been clearer. I didn't think you were accusing me of anything. I'm just saying that to me, personally, the term "stolen" implies deliberate intention. For example, if write a song that unintentionally includes a riff I heard 30 years ago, that's a mistake on my part. If I know the riff is from a 30 year old song and try to slip it in, hoping no one will make the connection, that's stealing. Same result...different motivation. Well, anyway, that's just my opinion. By the way, this was an issue of legal importance before the internet existed because you had to prove accessibility to make a claim valid. If some guy in Germany wrote the same song I did, I would have to prove he somehow had access to my version. Otherwise, it was considered coincidental.
  13. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Stolen is too strong a word. It suggests deliberation. Drawing from previous influence might better describe the process. I'm using "lands" metaphorically.
  14. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Yeah, sure, nothing is ever completely original. And, that's good fodder for a philosophical discussion. But, when someone knowingly takes the work of someone else and misrepresents it as their own, they've ventured into a land where cold, hard reality trumps the esoteric.
  15. TWI's sedative to the conscience

    You're misrepresenting, or, perhaps not understanding, the full scope of Wierwille's deception. Wierwille claimed to have taken his voluminous library to the dump and, instead, used the Bible as his sole source of reference. You may find this claim in the PFAL class if you need a source. Furthermore, he claimed God spoke to him in an audible voice and promised to teach him *the word* like it hadn't been known since the first century if he would, in turn, teach it to others. Well, here's the problem. This catalog of unique knowledge that Wierwille presented had, indeed, been known before Wierwille presented it .In academic terms, what Wierwille did was nothing short of plagiarism. He took sentences, paragraphs, chapters and, in some cases, entire books that other people had written and put his own name on them in order to mislead people into thinking they originated with himself. There are threads in the archives here that present exhaustive comparisons. Feel free to ask for directions in finding them. We will gladly assist you. You also posed this thought: Perhaps I have misunderstood your implication here but it appears to me that you are using that length of time to minimize the damage Wierwille caused. Make no mistake, the damage he caused lives on long after his own demise. In fact, this line of reasoning is, in itself, a testament to that reality. Oh, and by the way, welcome to the cafe. Have a cup of coffee on the house. I promise, it's not the *stretched* variety that became the norm at PFAL classes.