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  1. It's Been A Long Tyme...

    I think this is a healthy way to look at it. Never let the bad experiences and relationships you had in TWI blind you to the good ones. That's my opinion, at least.
  2. New DTA Class!!!

    En Garde! Will there be retemory cards? We need retemory cards.
  3. Revival and Restoration

    As my dear old dad used to say: "To each his own said Farmer Jones, as he kissed old Bossie, the cow."
  4. Dispensational Theology

    It's the magic bullet. If you learn how to use it, you can shoot down almost any Biblical contradiction imaginable
  5. Christian Family and Sex

    You think sitting through this class as a student was embarrassing? Imagine the level of embarrassment felt standing in front of the class as a presenter.
  6. Advent Sunday

    Here in the U.S., there isn't much focus on Advent. Sure, we still have the Advent calendars. The kids see them as a source for a daily chocolate treat more than something symbolic. Anyway, my hope for the approaching season and new year is that we may enjoy good health and strive to treat each other with respect and good intention. Thanks for the thread, Twinky.
  7. PFAL and WAP what’s the diff ?

    For some reason, this conjures up images of Davros from the British T.V. series Dr. Who. For the uninitiated, HERE is some background reference. "Davros is from the planet Skaro, whose people, the Kaleds, were engaged in a bitter thousand-year war of attrition with their enemies, theThals. He is horribly scarred and disabled, a condition that various spin-off media attribute to his laboratory being attacked by a Thal shell. He has one functioning hand and one cybernetic eye mounted on his forehead to take the place of his real eyes, which he is not able to open for long; for much of his existence he depends completely upon a self-designed mobile life-support chair in place of his lower body. It would become an obvious inspiration for his eventual design of the Dalek. The lower half of his body is absent and he is physically incapable of leaving the chair for more than a few minutes without dying. Davros' voice, like those of the Daleks, is electronically distorted. His manner of speech is generally soft and contemplative, but when angered or excited he is prone to ranting outbursts that resemble the hysterical, staccatissimo speech of the Daleks."
  8. It's Been A Long Tyme...

    Have one of THESE on the house. Did you miss anything? That depends on your perspective. From my point of view, you can consider yourself one of the lucky ones.,
  9. PFAL and WAP what’s the diff ?

    Just my opinion here. Although The Way made money on every class they ran, it was short term. The real goal was to build a following of people who would give them 10, 15, 20% of every paycheck, time after time after time. They knew the drop-out rate for class grads would be incredibly high. That's why the push to recruit was so aggressive. From a sales and marketing point of view, it's simple math. It was never about "bringing people to the Lord" or however else you choose to phrase it. We were unpaid sales reps, working for 0% commission.
  10. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Hiya, Mikey. You know he wasn't REALLY a Dr., don't you?
  11. Who do you love?

    For yea, verily, in olden times, as the Age of Aquarius was rapidly approaching, the ancients gathered together and mused... Who do you love?
  12. Proud of my country's heritage

    I'm not familiar with it. Is there a link?
  13. 75th Year Review

    EYE Can See Clearly Now.
  14. Stop the Shootings

    We have nurses in our family. At family gatherings, they inevitably wind up in a huddle, deeply engrossed in shop talk. You would think I would listen in and learn a thing or two. Nope. I've learned to tune it out after 35 years.