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  1. Tommy Freeman

    Different in that he was teaching that the MOST important thing you can do for yourself is speak in tongues... for one thing. All the manifestations have a place. He and Teri Gill (Wagner) got into it because of his egotism. He was also kicking people out of his fellowship if you didn't do exactly what he wanted you to do.
  2. Tommy Freeman

    Tommy was in Las Vegas for a while then went to Texas to be near family. I heard he might also be in Florida. You might find that he has changed from the days you knew him.
  3. who's divorced?

    The restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere is called "Top of the World." <_< (Now I gave myself away.)
  4. who's divorced?

    Divorced and why are we doing this??? <_<
  5. James Trimm & The Way

    Rabbi James Trimm's conncection to The Way If you go to the above website, it tells you how James Trimm plagarized some research done by The Way and put out a new Bible called The Hebraic Roots Version. Does anyone know Chris Lingle? I have never heard of him. A friend of mine was doing research on this Bible. Maybe it's just a rumor. :blink:
  6. James Trimm & The Way

    Does anyone know anything about this? :unsure: James Trimm's Search For Way Members- 1993 Chris Lingle told me in a conversation, that he had been a member of The Way. He owned a copy of the Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament. This was confirmed by another acquaintance, who was trying to get a copy of Lingle's Pedangta translation by The Way. Whether or not James found any other Way or former Way members and a copy of the Pedangta by 1997, I do not know, but by 1997, Chris Lingle was not only working with James Trimm, but was a member of the Beit Din, established by SANJ – Society For the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism. The first three members, according to Chris and confirmed by James were James Trimm, himself and Eric Sandquist. James appointed himself the Nasi of the Beit Din, Chris was offered Av. Chris also help James with his writings, as well as post studies under his own name. There is more where that came from but I was curious to know about this plagarism of a Way Pedangta. Edited to fix the filter.
  7. 7th Corps reunion planned July 2004

    John R (I got out), please email me privately. My email is in my profile. Thank you.
  8. 7th Corps reunion planned July 2004

    This sounds like another condemnation party to me. Perhaps Valerie might have been too busy to even read this post for the last 4 months. WHY would the 9th Corps think they should be invited to a 7th Corps reunion??? Are you all jealous because no one took the responsibility to plan a reunion for YOUR Corps??? Come on! Step up to the plate! Grab the bat! Take a swing at it!!!
  9. Open letter from The Way

    I have just become interested in Messianic believing (attended my 4th fellowship yesterday) and Messianics use this way to spell. We also use Yaweh. Are you Messianic? I know 3 Corp grads into this now.
  10. Is that a joke? "Ya'll are Mormons now?" I have a site on MyFamily.com also but I quit using it since they started charging. I started a Yahoo group for our family. ...and, no, I am not a Mormon.
  11. Open letter from The Way

    In spite of all the dust being stirred up, there seem to be TWO FACTS here. 1. Mrs Weirwille did not receive the care she needed at home. 2. She is receiving better care in the nursing home. Mud slinging won't change these facts. I say leave her where she is and, if people want to send cards and money or anything else, let them. I doubt that JP will ever get any inheritance. His parents gave everything they had to The Way, an organization that will suck people dry as allowed.
  12. Nevada

    Sorry, Valerie. I didn't mean to imply that you were into that stuff. I'm not either. Been there... done that. :D-->
  13. 7th Corps reunion planned July 2004

    I know SOMEBODY was. I sponsored people for YEARS. Can I come??? He11, I'll just CRASH the party!!! I LIVE HERE!!! I love the bungee jumping photo at Circus Circus (my son calls it Circus Jirkus) with the Stratosphere (tallest building west of the Mississippi) in the background. How about the roller coaster inside Circus Jirkus? or at New York New York? or the Nascar roller coaster at the Sahara? The Nascar one goes forwards then backwards... NO kidding. I have NOT been brave enough to ride it yet. I know you will all have a good time here in Vegas.
  14. Good Seed

    Go to this webpage. Believer's Music They is an ad for Good Seed plus a snail mail address and an email address.
  15. It's a shock to discover...

    It's nice to pick a screen name like Damit Janet and not have to worry that I said damn it. My daughter can choose to NOT attend fellowship if she doesn't want to... and so can I. I can listen to secular music. I can watch scary movies once in a while. I can.....