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  1. valerie52


    There is a group called Exodus, that helps lesbians and male homsexuals with all that.
  2. valerie52

    Martha ("Muffie") Wadsworth

    Oh my gosh! I knew her in Ca in 81. She was married and was pregnant when I left the area. I have NO idea where she is but am certainly curious> Did she stay with that guy?!
  3. valerie52

    I am going to Israel!

    Well I figured out to post pictures, FINALLY!!!! but I cannot shrink them to the size that GS wants. soo.... how long is this going to take me?
  4. valerie52

    What do you do when people intensely dislike you?

    Oh all this sounds SOOOO familiar....this is what I had to deal with in the Military. :(--> If you are good looking, (I was), and a expert in weapons, (I was), and kick foot in the physical training department (I did), ;)--> and don't put out sexually, you will be hated severly. I spent all my time putting out fires that were started by jealous, hateful, evil, mysogonist men, and spineless, whorish, women. --> The women I lost all respect for, the guys hated me for being pretty, smart, and not serving their sexual lusts. How dare I not serve them?? Since I didn't put out, I was labled as a Lesbian, then I was labled as prejudiced, then I was just a plain ole bitch. Hmmm Looking back I should have been ulgy then they would have left me alone. But who is ugly? We are all beautiful, right? maybe that is why I gained all this weight.... I had to deal with this kind of crap the entire time I was in, it was simply nerve wracking on me.
  5. valerie52

    Sherry Marcus

    I FOUND HER!!! :D--> MY friend Michelle Abram Deterding (family corps), helped me. Sherry is in Philidelphia doing jingles We talked for an hour.
  6. valerie52

    7th Corps andFriends reunion 2006

    The next reunion for the 7th Corps and Friends will be in June of 2006 in Las Vegas NV. This will give everyone 17 months to plan and save. It will be fun just like the first one in 2004. Dinner party, all day boat ride to the beach on CO river, Princess Cruise dinner boat ride one night, Wine and cheese party at the Pettits etc. buffet lunch at Aladdin Spice market Cafe Farewell breakfast etc Free time to go do your own thing if you wish, time to go to Grand Canyon on helecopter, etc. Get up to date information at: www.bayareawindow.com/johnr/7thCorps/ It will be 5 nights and 5 days. Valerie Knowles vksonshine@cox.net
  7. valerie52

    Reggie White- Dead at 42

    On Super bowl sunday at half time Sky Angle will be showing an interview with Reggie White from last year when he was in Israel. Michael Rood is interviewing him. www.ARoodAwakening.tv
  8. valerie52

    Women's Health Care

    Ladies!! Don't forget to INSIST to get a CA 125 blood test EVERY YEAR ...That means EVERY YEAR. IF your DR. says you don't need it, FIRE him or her IMMEDAITELY. YOUR"E health is of no concern to them. It is the blood test that DETECTS if there is the beginnings of OVARIAN cancer!! VERY VERY important!!!! I get one ever year now because in 1999 my CA 125 blood test was elevated, had to get one ovary removed. I am post menopausal now , o/ o/ o/ but I still get one every single year. The VA no longer argues with me about it. IT gets done every year. I am alive now! because I INSIST!!
  9. valerie52

    Death by Wine Enema

    When I was a Colonic Therapist in CA in the early 80's we learned that in Mexico they give Tequila enemas to kill parasties once a year. It will kill parasites. They would of course get drunk too :0) I never tried it, I use herbs for parasite cleanse :0) Valerie
  10. valerie52

    Regarding Claudette Royal

    Has anybody found Claudette yet?
  11. valerie52

    Sherry Marcus

    Not yet. I was told that her husband had the stage name of Steve King. Abd that he used to perform here in Las Vegas with Sherry.....
  12. valerie52

    Ricardo Cabellero

    I have his address Valerie52
  13. valerie52

    A Prophet for God??????

    Can't open either one.
  14. valerie52

    Las Vegas!!! er...we mean Washington D.C.!!!

    Well now Las Vegas is having some flooding problems. All the millions of dollars spent on flood channels and reservoiurs, they are overflowing. It is the south west part of town that is flooding with muddy water in the street. And there are alway the people that try to drive through it. The news this morning showed a guy and of course he got stuck in the "river". I am up North. Lee canyon had an avalacnhe that killed a boy. :(--> Overton people are being evacuated! It is clear and windy now after 3 weeks of rain and snow. WOW
  15. valerie52

    Las Vegas!!! er...we mean Washington D.C.!!!

    We acctually had snow here on friday! we are going to have beautiful spring this year, it has been raining for DAYS