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  1. I hold in front of me an insert from the CES gang and it reads as follows. "To continue receiving THE SOWER, please return this form by 4/21/06" Name Addy-------- -- Yes I want to continue receiving THE SOWER, enclosed is my donation of $------ -- Yes I want to continue receiving THE SOWER, and I want to become a Partner. Please sign me up for $---/month ($25 minimum pledge) You will receive the Tape/CD of the month & a l5% discount on most of our bookstore items --Yes I want to continue receiving THE SOWER, but I am unable to donate at this time. Please sign me up to receive the online version. My email addy is ------ --Yes I want to continue receiving THE SOWER, but I am unable to donate at this time. Please consider continuing to send it to me free of charge. Seems to me they are offering 4 options as a little check box is before each "YES" where I had -- So, if you want it FREE, they'll sure consider you and most likely accomodate your situation...so Oldies..you're not entirely correct my man! BTW..I do not support CES but find some pretty interesting things presented from their ministry. The partnership idea is sure "novel" and I'm sure objectionable to alot of people...but honestly..how does it differ that much from a weekly "tithe"??? Guess they'd like to know just how much they can depend on their followers, thus the idea might be a sound one at that!! Hmmmmmmmmmm
  2. George...heck ...who am I to judge...if being sarcastic & agnostic are of great benefit to you & less painful..then I say good for you. I still prefer to believe that God is a God of help....he may not "prove" the consistency that we all would expect, but by golly he's the author of life & can do what he (it) wants. I still think I'd prefer to ask a source of help for intervention, rather than to wing it and "hope" that the coin falls as I call it. I've "read" you for years..you're very negative in alot of your responses, which to me, being a fairly positive person DOES rub me the wrong way..I just don't see the profit in being that way..so again my deepest sympathy. Funny that what I wrote was an obvious uplifting thought..A God who has & does deliver & yet..lets not respond favorably to that..oh no..lets talk about Santa Claus & lake Monsters..I'm a grown man btw..so those analogies are quite far removed from me. How can you "eliminate" the possibility of a source who'd LOVE to help Geogre Arr?? Sorry..I just don't get it.
  3. Cribbage??? or cabbage?? l5 2 l5 4 a run is seven and 4 hearts is eleven & of course the jack is l2~~~~~~~
  4. A couple of comments on earlier posts.....MAYBE & I say, maybe...the naming for the alcoholic spirit thingie was designated because they were sure having a whale of a good time drinking!LOL (speaking of old devilish sayings..."whale of a good time") Also the one thata always got me, that I still think of whenever I see "one" is "there's a devil spirit behind every statue'...compliments of my Corpse Wow Branch sister who was SOOOOOOOO wacko at times...
  5. This go-round in Florida, this winter, I happened upon two gentlemen hitting their balls around on a beautiful little backyard course & having the time of their life! I had played CROQUET while a youth and asked if they'd allow me to partiscipate...fortunately they were REALLY INTO IT...so almost nightly we played to our hearts delight! We played with a pretty sophisticated "set"...$l30 on e bay I think he said, as compared to the rinky dink set I used as a kid...these really made the game fun..plus the wickets were very narrow & tough to shoot through. My most enjoyable part of it was when one player (playing a threesome) would get way ahead, and us two trailers would go after him and send him...working together to catch up...& the strategies involved in "stayin' alive"...were riduculous at times but worked now & then!! Any of you grow up playing the game as youths...& anyone still hitting their balls?? Hope Paw loves my topic title as much as I do!1 LOLOL
  6. Hi ya'll..twas just reading thru the thread in "The Way" section about experiences & those experiences validating TWI doctrine...In spite of TWI..God still loves us & works in our behalf despite the evils of "da ministry"...I sure love reading these & though I've not expereinced any far out experiences as these, I can sure see how God would be happy to help us to believe in him "bigger" via delivering us from such calamities.. Thanks ya'll for sharing these!!
  7. Interesting thread, as I've been lurking for four months, but this topic has my attention for sure! So...what if a person was ministered to and received total healing for that which was prayed for...and of course this DOES line up with the biblical concept of "by his stripes we are healed"..if its undeniable healing, and VP is spouting that this is truly available..then how can that individual deny it? George..I see your position is still the same..my deepest sympathy NVP's experience was real to him, but according to "what we were taught" a deception...so then how do we separate fact from fnatacy..a "doctrine" is either right or wrong..profitable or destructive.
  8. Second James


    Yeh..just returned from a 4 month stint in sunny southern Florida...to Indiana where its cool & windy...such a contrast as one day I'm just (as usual) roaming around in shorts and not even thinking "weather" & the next momnet I'm waiting for the wind to slow a bit & hopefully the t'meter to hit 60..so yeh..the cabin fever must be pretty "deep" for those of you who spent your winters inside looking out! Hurrrrrrry Sprrrring!!
  9. We're SOOOOOOO blessed to be below 230/gal (229.9)...ah Mr president is still laughing his way to the bank I'm sure...this is In northern Indiana..where diesel fuel is $l/gallon more than gas..unheard of in the past!Us farmers are really taking a beating fuel wise...
  10. Just remember to "turn out the lights" when the room's totally empty..ya know they COULD rent out the auditorium to raise some $$$$ & go back to the old BRC...it'll seat a few hundred..with l/l0th the heating bill
  11. Hey..I gotta go with Howard killing VP..afterall..VP did deliver him miraculously & its the only way to repay such a deed...wouldn't you agree?? "Kill him with kindness' was what I was taught..but with the INSANITY that reigns over in NW Ohio..Howard killing the guy would fit right into their mindset. Cris Ge-r "might have killed him, as look at the "press" HE got once the Mogfart bit the dust! Loy boy already HAD the position he desired...so his motive is lacking. Maybe Colonel Mustard DiD do the deed..but in the BRC or Auditorium..with a LLamsa Bible or the point of the Horn of Plenty.. Guess we'll all find out at the gathering..LOLOLOL
  12. Second James

    Hello All

    Hi Sunny..I'm from Indiana (corn country..lol) BUT I winter in Florida...hopefully Sebring/Winterhaven area..love the tropical "zone" as its usually a perfect day during the winter compared to this north area I live in! I'm not too sure where I'll be ending up as I basically "wing it" from year to year..which is great fun..so if you have any "leads" let me know..especially ex-way would be great for fellowshipping purposes. Welcome aboard..a good diversification of opinions here..good food for thought! Jim
  13. Remember when all that B.S. surfaced about "who killed VP"? Gosh its funny just thinking about it.. Was it "the fear in the heart & in the life of that mother that killed Doc Vic...? The incredible thing about this insanity is the fact that Howard All-n confessed to the murder..but the TWI never did prosecute him did they?? Guess it always has to be someone who does the killing instead of something..such as cancer etc.. I again blame the mother...as there's alot of mothers in TWI..I had a few as BC's that's for sure..LOLOL So do any of you know or want to also confess this "non gray " sin??
  14. Welcome R.C...loved your "take" on the WayGB btw..I agree l00% on that one..(in your profile.. I'm glad there is a young group such as who you speak of,,that really want to make changes that'll help our planet..Us "oldtimers" know what you're talking about & secretly wish that things could/would be different..as there's not much else better than love amongst the Brethern.. Enjoy you time here..a good group of "diners"..LOL
  15. Belle...your "two weeks" posting..is that how long your're there?? As I leave for Florida the latter part of Nov..t'would be fun to meet up & meet you if you're there 2 weeks..let me know what you mean k?? Thanks..
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