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  1. My Dear Friend Tcat

    Thank you! Thank you everybody! For the sweet birthday wishes. I did have a wonderful day with my nose in one of my new books. B) And as for getting old, well my body maybe, but my mind has entered my seventh childhood. :D love tcat PS Shell don't forget I am only a few months older than you....hee hee. Love ya!
  2. Happy Birthday "dmiller"

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday David!! And that you got lots of presents and ate lots of cake! love tcat
  3. choices...

    Sami (she'e one hot mama!) and I wishI could hold her.Any way that you for that story. It makes me think there still a chance for us humans, to be caring persons. And I hope you are happy! You've made me leak all over the place. And not in the way a baby leaks. just mean i'm crying. love tcat
  4. Wishing ya'll a very happy birthdays. love tcat
  5. Happy Birthday Catcup

    Happy birthday to you! Hope you have good cake, and don't forget to share it with your four legged friends. I share with all our four legged family. The cats have a tiny bite, then the dogs move in and finish it all off. Sheesh dogs can be rude! love tcat
  6. Go Ahead Laugh!

    Ok Jetc57 ................LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Thanks for the laugh! love tcat :lol:
  7. Why Texans are So Tough!

    LOL ya'll are way too funny! And by the way if you throw a cat out a car window.....does it become kitty litter? PS: I actually like cats, and have a huge orange tabby named Otis.
  8. Why Texans are So Tough!

    And the guns! Don't forget the guns! In fact I can't think of any Texan I know that doesn't have a gun. Even I have a gun. And being as I am a cat, it's real hard to shoot 'cause I have no thumbs. From deep in the heart of Texas.....tcat
  9. My husband passed away

    Dear Hopfull, am so sorry to hear about yor loss. I'm glad you have friends with you. You and your family and your friends are in my prayers. love tcat
  10. Special Announcement From TED Ferrell

    Cangrads and best wishes to you both. I hope you all the happiness in the world! love tcat
  11. Cheap Gas

    Cheap gas?!? Now there's an oxymoron! tcat
  12. Chestnuts

    I have never seen a chestnut before, and of course have never eaten one. Here in Texas we have pecans, which are very good. The only chestnuts here are horses. hee hee tcat
  13. Lifted Up Birthday

    Wishing a very happy happy birthday!! love tcat
  14. Welcome

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Shell)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) miss you too girlfriend! love t

    Good post Sami. I am glad you got to go there. Your Dad was a great guy, and we miss him too. love tcat PS: kiss that baby for me will ya?