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  1. moony3424


    Just face it Kathy. It's really because Florida has a better team than Ohio state and you wanted to side with a winner! :D
  2. I saw a clip on Fox's 24 web site and it was hinting that Tony may not be dead after all. Right now, Jack needs his help, after all, look what Jack did to help Tony's mental state on Day 4. What I'm wondering about is the Prez. Throughout the years, they have always taken a definate stance on NOT negotiating with terrorists, and he's bending to everything that Fayed brings to the table! Also, in hour 1, they kept talking about the high price that the US paid the Chinese to get Jack back. Wonder what that was.
  3. ...and is Tony really dead?
  4. Did you see the discription of the 1st episode? It says President Wayne Palmer!! BTW, did anybody else notice that after Palmer died last season that nobody mentioned the kids? The same when Sherri died. They haven't been mentioned since season one.
  5. Don't remember the year, but don't go skiing with her!
  6. Knowing that you're a prof at the college there, is it that many days until Summer vacation?
  7. But I thought THIS was the new GS site? I'm confused now.
  8. moony3424

    The Cone of Ernesto

    Well, I had to stay at work all day. We just had a little rain (not even the normal amount of summer day rain).
  9. moony3424


    ....because you're not quite sober??
  10. It's not that Rafael is afraid, as the founder of THE is not afraid of anything. It's that he loves Pineapple Pizza, but he just doesn't know it. ;)
  11. moony3424

    The Cone of Ernesto

    You've made a mistake there. You only have 1 bottle of wine. What good is that for a hurricane party! Raf, according to the properties of the pic, that was Isabel.
  12. Eight is the lonliest number that I'll never do...
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