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  1. Hey I'm the kid here, but I'll assume that all those accomplishments the magazine the jobs were Way International related,... and the Ordination. Thing is - if you don't stand with that ministry any longer, not much of that counts. their college wasn't accredited, the ordination would be to a group that you no longer stand with or have any affilliation with,... the internationa Bible magazine is the Way magazine? And yes the fact that you don't say where you achieved all this is interesting. Why not put it all out in the sunshine? Just asking. If you say you're just sort of ashamed of that, I'll accept that. No problem. But if you're all proud of that. I'll likely want to know why you don't credit the sourse of your credential list there with the name of the ministry you took such pride in. I'm assuming you don't list the Way Ministry - because you're ashamed of it or fear that people will look it up and gainsay your accomplishments. Just as they do Weirwille's degrees and honors. I'm not out to get anyone here, not you Ken, that's for sure, but it's just damned odd that you didn't say where you researched, who ordained you, what college(s) you did your teaching/learning at. If you're proud enough to list those accomplishments and too ashamed to list where you accomplished all that, I feel sorry for you. ~~~ And if that's the case, you are here with the choir,... preach away, we know the words to this song. If I'm wrong in My assumption, pplease tell us what international magazine you write for where and how you were ordained. which colleges you graduated from and taught at. and which Foundation etc - you Researched for. But you know - I don't think I'm wrong Though you might have had the BA in Math before you went into the Way, I'll bet the rest is TWI related and that you'd rather hide that. That would be what you're upset about here I would imagine Someone might google it and find you out? ~~~ Hey, anytime someone hides stuff like this, it's like a Red flag. Hey I'm sorry you got hurt by the Way. You're not the only one. And you were a mindless groupie - happened a lot in The Way Ministry - Glad you finally got out. I will assume you don't still stand with them based on what you said. There is an incredible range of people here at Greasespot Cafe, belief-wise... and perhaps the only thing everyone here agrees on is that the Way wasn't ultimately beneficial to their life, so they scrammed, jetted - and in oh-so-many-directions! You'll probably be mad that I said you were a mindless groupie, but hell you admitted in your post that you stood in the water with the pirrahanas and complained about them. to me that's mindless.
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