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  1. Gen-2


    heh,.... watched the commencement, and have absolutely no idea which one you were... - but I guess I'm sure I saw you.
  2. Although I picked songs I like, that I know from the titles.... many of the song titles I did not pick might be ones I like better. I have probably heard them but just don't remember what the song sounded like from the titles... (hey I was born in 1980). So I cry out FOUL! No Fair!!! Shakes her fist at the older generation!!! >>cackles away hysterically<<
  3. Gen-2

    State of the Spot

    There are currently 43 members (as I type this) in a Facebook Group that began last night. If you are on FaceBook - enter "GSC" in the search box at the top of the page. It should get you there. You will have to request to join as it is a closed group (which means that the posts there - are only shared with other members of that group). If you know someone that posts here, as a "Friend" on FB, and if they are a member already, they can invite you to the group.
  4. Gen-2

    So long folks...

    Thx,... >grin< but the forum will?
  5. It was on the Album All Aboard where he read stories - sort of a prelude to love Letters - I think. Didn't Sonship also do one that had the line "Get onboard the sonship, ship ahoy, ship ahoy"? Listened to everything at once back in 2000.... don't remember for sure.
  6. Katrina Allard on Facebook (There's a lot of KA's that are not me) That one is My Avatar @ Facebook
  7. Gen-2

    State of the Spot

    Bíonn chuile dhuine lách go dtéann bó ina gharraí. Tá súil agam an bhó bás. sorry, laziness on my part there. All people are happy until a cow is in their garden. I wish your cow dies. (i.e. A wish that the removal of the cause will restore happiness)
  8. Gen-2

    Song of the moment

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrEHg-0WxBQ&feature=related never mastered the embedding thing here.....
  9. The Borax works great. I buy it from the Chemist's amd mix it into a paste with sugar water and put it on a lid (like from a margarine container) put it in the way of any "line" of ants - no matter what kind, and they will find it, take it home, and feed their entire colony. They cannot resist it, but don't learn from the experience. They continue to return for more until they have killed the entire colony. I have a Cat (Meemer), and a Golden Lion Tamarin (Tam) for pets. and never had a problem with them eating it. The total amount ever left out as bait is less than half a teaspoon, which would not kill either of them anyways. might make them a little sick if they did, but they'd survive and probably wouldn't bother it again. Tam did get it all over his hands once and came in screaming at me to wipe it off. He's never bothered it since. Edited - just for Ham
  10. Hi SoCrates (Bill & Ted's?) When one considers the times VPW grew up in. America had gone through a great period of, not so much occultism, as spiritualism. A lot of books of curious interest were written during the times he was forming his "opinions" and dfetly deciding what to plagarize. Though if you're taking the "Christian" approach to philosophy and money-making during the age of Tent-Revivals - you didn't credit the stuff you read to build your own ministry. you just stole a little here and a little there and cobbled it together and called it your own. There seems to be GREAT validity to your musings in that regard.
  11. Gen-2

    So long folks...

    Coming soon George,... Thx we'll see. But I think I will go before I get all upset about it.
  12. Gen-2

    So long folks...

    Read Pawtucket's message, I decided to leave before things shut down. I'm terrible at goodbyes and have lived to see nearly my entire family buried. Most of them I buried. So when I form friends on the net, or get into groups that I like, they sort of become part of the family I don't have. ...and that would be you guys... No matter how old or young you are, Live with dignity. No matter how difficult your life becomes, face it with pride and courage. You all have great inner strength. I'm not so sure I do, but I'm working on it.. If anyone ever wants to talk, e-mail me at katcando80@yahoo.ie I won't hit quit for a day - not sure if my post would disappear if I did - works that way at some places.
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