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  1. I have to agree with Garth in that, specifically, the Sanhedren convinced the Roman authorities to kill Jesus and even inspired mob crowds against him. That is the biblical record, so actually, CERTAIN Jews killed Jesus and NOT ALL Jews killed Jesus, along with CERTAIN Romans. To say that Gibson is anti-semitic is like saying that those who do movies on World War II are anti-German or anti-Japanese, or those that do movies on the American Revolution are anti-British. We are just dealing with historical records and they are what they are. But it is true that as far as to those that believe in Christ and are Christians, the belief is that Christ died for our sins and that we all sinned and came short of the glory of God. So we all killed Jesus in that respect since he had to die to save us. Marked and Avoided
  2. The Massachusetts law when written was intended for a man and a woman because at the time it was written it was inconceivable that a marriage would take place any other way. The Massachusetts Supreme Court absolutely knew this and instead of interpreting the law as it should have been interpreted, became the activist jurist body they were and "re-wrote" it to include their own political beliefs without changing a word of the language. It once was that I used to just tolerate homosexuals if they kept to themselves and did their own thing. I could have cared less. But now, I am the opposite. I have had enough. I am opposed to gay marriage. I am opposed to gay civil unions. I am opposed to any more protection by the law based on sexual preference. I believe now in the right to discriminate against them and to practice it, because it is the right thing to do. I believe it must be now said they are either spiritually "off" or mentally ill. If it is due to a genetic flaw, then it is just like any other genetic flaw, such as cystic fibrosis or Downs syndrome, and the American medical and psychiatric communities must be compelled, and forced if necessary, by law, to find the problem and the cure. I believe in re-enacting and re-establishing every sodomy law on the books dealing with homosexuality. Jailing them won't do any good, but gives great ground to close down and eliminate every gay bar and gay sexual establishment in the country. I believe in breaking up every "gay" community in the country. We should punish any lawmaker or publically elected or appointed official that backs anything even remotely related to homosexual agendas. I have lost what tolerance I have had, and that wasn't much. My sympathy is gone. Anger has replaced it. Marked and Avoided
  3. Rottie Grrrl: Terry Bradshaw was with the Pittsburgh Steelers and not the Patriots. Great thought, though. Had he been one of the two Patriots back then, he would probably be a Greasespotter now, wondering why the hell he did a spot for them. Ha! Then again, Greasespot would have marked and avoided him for that. Marked and Avoided
  4. I thought I saw LCM staring at a lot of guys once, then yelling at them. Since he gets his rocks off that way, or did, maybe he was thinking of them all naked. I don't know. Marked and Avoided
  5. TWI by its teachings and practice has led many to commit suicide, so I say they do teach in an invisible way to kill for TWI. They just don't come out and say it. Marked and Avoided
  6. I still don't believe that "gay" or homosexuality is the way nature intended. I am so sorry for the loss of your sister, and I still believe you will see her again. Of that I am confident. Marked and Avoided
  7. I don't know if perjury can be done in a civil case. I suppose it can. If so, Rosalie is guilty of all kinds of perjury. I think the Peelers should go after that. Marked and Avoided
  8. I'd probably try to get the entire International grounds, start from scratch, give all property back to the Wierwilles and lease it from them instead, open the firegrounds to visitors and treat it like the cemetary it is, and let CFF, CES, CBC, and whatever off-shoot there was use it again so long as they all get along. But all would be welcomed back and I would issue a formal apology in TWI's behalf whether they liked it or not. Then I would snatch and keep the big Way Corps seal. Marked and Avoided
  9. No! No! It's about a witch! It's about witchcraft! Watching that movie will suck the holy spirit right out of you and you will all burn in hell tied to a broomstick, you heathen animals. Marked and Avoided
  10. Well, I have to give credit to Harve there. He paid his respects. That's a lot more than what others have done before. Marked and Avoided
  11. If TWI charges anything, just the cost of room and board if at TWI. If not at TWI, the cost of hotels and such are borne by the attendee. The "registration" and "cost" of the class should already have been provided in the abundant sharing. Any costs higher than lodging and meals are a rip-off. The entire Advanced Class "Special" was only created to make money anyway and not teach anything new. It is a waste of time and people are better off spending Thanksgiving or any holidays at home and with family. Marked and Avoided
  12. I kept a lot of it, but threw out the Way songbooks as I never could stand the singing in fellowship without music. It was boring. Another throw out was "Christians Should Be Preposterous" and "Christian Upchuck", I mean "Christian Etiquette". Marked and Avoided
  13. Everyone is going to flame me for this...but, I hope VPW AND Martindale can be forgiven. That doesn't mean you still let Martindale or anyone still take advantage of anyone. But if they can be forgiven, so many more of us can be forgiven. The best thing in my life was letting the bitterness die down a bit. I was already in Hell experiencing the frustrating bitterness of not being able to "get even". I have decided to let God be their judge. I want them both in Heaven. They won't be doing anything bad there, I am sure. I felt release in letting go and forgiving the Way. I don't visit them or let them push me around, you can be sure. But I cannot keep that bitterness in my heart. I can't. But I can sympathize and empathize with people that have a hard time forgetting or forgiving, especially the abused women. Marked and Avoided
  14. A long time ago I was bugged for paying for the "honor" and the requirement of viewing the CFS class. I thought it sucked, and I am not using a pun here. It really blew. Again I am not using a pun here. What I meant to say was that it was pretty bad stuff and a waste of time and money. What say ye? Marked and Avoided
  15. Sex?!!! That is such a disgusting habit!!! Why, my wife and I abstain from that for fear of going to Hell!!!! Well, she abstains from that to keep me from getting any. I just go into denial about it to justify my lack of it... Oh, Oh, she's back, it is that time of month, no not the menstrual time, the other time... Oh My God, I am being attacked! My clothes are being ripped off! Arrrggghhh! (Charlie Brown sex orgy) A cigarette. Okay, time to go to work. Marked and Avoided
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