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  1. I'm not sure what to make of this ... where did George do his research? I hope Paloma doesn't carry disease... :o
  2. Happy Birthday Belle ... have a good one ... or four ...
  3. I'm thinking DWBH has a TV mini series almost written. It starts with an apparently normal family attending a seemingly innocent Christian fellowship and evolves to the twisted alien, child eating, brain sucking, self aggrandizing, predatory, conspiratorial cult we all loved and now reflect on with varying degrees of denial and amazement. oh ... and I guess the death of vp was the end of the first season, but the zombie cults arose from the dead to continue the series ...
  4. I found a picture of it ... I don't remember that, but it was probably not visible from the ranch. I didn't get out much, except to exercise the horses in the BLM. Jerry, Star, Buck, .... ummm, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen ... wait no, those were Corps women ... I see a football stadium back there, maybe it is a school initial.
  5. The correction was probably needed first ... but they keep changing on where they will put the money. Will it go to Goldman buddies to float their bad banks? Or to support good banks when we get to a bottom? If changes are not made first, $700 billion will go down a rat hole, and the rats are in congress or own congress. Some rules need to be fixed ... reform and regulation are not the same thing. Congress was bought with pork, not sure what we ended up with. We've enriched some enemies that want to continue their war on us by trashing our markets ... I'm HOPING a real bottom could bet put in in the 7000's ... 7600 has been my number since 1998 ... give or take 800 ... HA. Anyway, hopefully we catch the bad players that cheated and bought politicians ... and for the sake of the average American working person that saved, we/they don't just throw it all away. Some feel this is the way the banks take over and one world government progresses. If that is the case, I hope they are kind overlords. I'm betting on a 7600 bottom ... or I might bet ... no bets yet. Europe is beyond me .. but there is some wild sheet going on ... I'm glad I can grow some commodities ... sign up for my wine way corp ... you need $500/month sponsorship and a willingness to work hard in the vineyards ... hmmm .. what else ... complete subservience? a sense of humor? I need to recruit simon for the mechanical ... george st. george you are perfect as a vintner ... need a good chemist for that ... other george ... you can build anything ... turn the big barn into a gravity fed winery ... grapes in upstaris, wine out downstairs ... To invest in my IPO just send $100K minimum up front ... or you can just show up if you have a large bulldozer and operator experience ... Anyway .. you almost have to think about your life ... not the market ... I sold my window cleaning business for 3 months of revenue ... some of these corporations go for 20 years worth of earnings ... now some are close to a PE of 10, maybe going to 5. I'd rather just build my own business. But really, investing in yourself is a good idea ...
  6. Well you're looking pretty darn smart right now George ... and with real estate prices lower maybe you can pick up a couple vacation homes on the "cheap". 9200 is the next support on the DOW, and we already bounced off that once today ... we sure got there fast. I hope this holds, but from the charts, 7600 looks like a real possibility. If we charge back to 10K, it might be another chance to get out ... but that is always a tough call. Hope springs eternal. One guy is calling for a 21st century DOW theory end to the bear ... another considers 7286, the 2002 low, a possibility. A lot of veteran traders have never seen this before ... glad your retirement funds are heading in the right direction.
  7. We are seeing the result of bubble economics ... and yes, a lack of proper oversight. I sure don't rejoice in people's 401k's being devalued, but much of those 10% yearly gains were unreal. But over the last ten years, a lot of real retirement money has been thrown to the snakes, and now we'll be taxed to cover their sins. I sure hope they track down the culprits and hang them, but I'm not very hopeful on that. The last crisis I told a friend at Delta to sell her stock at 140, she didn't and it went to 5 or so. This time I know folks thinking of retirement with their money in company stock, that has now been cut in half. It is life changing for many people, even with fewer losses. I feel better at getting out in early August '98, but even cash as been devalued and not completely safe. Maybe I'll invest in guns and ammo, but if you hold too much of those, the government takes them away. The bailout may have helped, but it should have been called "the trying to avert an even worse fiasco bailout". And in the long run it may not help but hurt. But perhaps it keeps some people in jobs, if they can start to utilize some of the money. I don't think the $700 billion is even in play yet, and a market correction was needed. "Success" might be a large correction and long slowdown, rather than an Argentina style collapse.
  8. Just thought I'd bring this up again ... as Bumpy and I were talking of this derivative calamity over a year ago ... I do think this funny money system could work, but not if banks are allowed to create money ... and I think they have outdone the Fed by creating 97% of the money .. M3? I don't know ... but Greenspan refused to regulate them. Regulate/deregulate are vague and confusing ... we need the right regulation. I vote for Ham for president ... nationalize it Ham ...
  9. Thanks cool chef and Belle ... Belle ... cheers ... glad you broke the rule ... I saw Styx too, but it was in 1974. Do they have walkers now? ha ...
  10. Thanks Excie, RB, LU, and GSG yeah George ... lotsa years ... lotsa beers
  11. Nothing makes the whole Bible fit together ... the bible history has a very shady history ... Silly TWI thought my research paper should be in GMIR ... it was just a rehash of Bullinger with a VPW variation (which made no sense ... except to distinguish him from Bullinger) ... and Rear hard or someone stole my intro for a SNS teaching, or did I steal it and he stole it from the same source, I forget. (I asked him and he said he never read my paper that he quoted almost verbatim) THE Bible history is best studied with books penworks has suggested ... she researched and then went to college to find out what went wrong in her quest for TRUTH. I respect that ... I came up with something without bothering to check academia ... but "THE BIBLE" is not what we were led to believe ... and if you want to bother with that line of inquisition, I'm pointing to her advice. (and she was second corps I think, if that helps ... )
  12. Well that was a really good call ... So people were giddy at 14,000 and we went to 10,900, where people are terrified of losing their life savings. The expression is "buy when there is blood in the streets" But they do need to get these guys reined in, since they are using "the people's money" (investors I mean) and leveraging it 25 to 1. Even Fannie and Freddie were maxing out their credit cards which were cosigned by mama government (US).
  13. rhino

    The WAG of Ike

    The impact of Ike on rigs and refineries is VERY directly related to the hurricane. Why in the world would that be a new thread? Talk of where it will hit is over. There is really little political about it ... the question is how long will they be off line ... and how much damage from Ike was there? It is one of the aspects of Ike that effects everyone ... gas prices here jumped 40 cents, big damage would be a big deal. I guess George and P-Mosh will check in when they get home or get power back. I've stayed in New Orleans without power for 3 days before, and know what it is like to anticipate such a thang about to roll into your door step. Kit ... New Orleans had more flooding than most expected, as the winds were strong from the south for so long, and the system was so large, but none of the major levees were threatened. I haven't seen much on western Louisiana yet though, where I'm sure they got a lot of water.
  14. rhino

    The WAG of Ike

    Here is news I just saw ... Hurricane Ike hits heart of U.S. oil sector Some 14 refineries in Texas were shut due to the effects of Ike, while one in Louisiana was shut in a slow recovery from Hurricane Gustav earlier in the month. Together, the refineries account for 23 percent of the nation's fuel production capacity.As strong winds continued to batter Houston, Exxon Mobil and Valero Energy Corp said they were returning crews to their shuttered refineries to assess damage. A spokesman for the joint operations of southeast Texas emergency management agencies said the state's refineries appeared to have escaped the kind of heavy flooding that left plants shut for months after the 2005 hurricanes.
  15. rhino

    The WAG of Ike

    yes ... you said So on the subject of damage from Ike, since the hurricane is over .... availability of gas is an issue ... isn't that why the prices are up? So how long before supply comes back on line is important and related, don't you think? You brought it up.
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