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    Hugs and more hugs to you and your girls!
  2. I feel very secure in my job, as a kithen supervisor at a public school. The summer is where I will have to look elsewhere for extra income. If push comes to shove I can dust off my razors and scissors and get my blow dryer out and do hair. Everyone needs their hair done!!! :D
  3. I have know her and her husband for 30 years now. Also from way back when.....Bob
  4. Sorry I answered, I will pass my turn!
  5. Matilda, Probably saw you and hubby back then, lived in the area and Bob and new horizons were strong, I forget what you called yourselfs back in the day, but you were all pretty funny. Those times were truly fine....btw I asked my husband to marry me..and 25 years later we are still enjoying life, w/out de way...
  6. No one said Happy Birthday! For shame! Hope yours was delightful! :)

  7. Ca_dreaming


    You did attend back in "79. I will have to send a pic!
  8. Ca_dreaming


    We sold it in 1987 before we moved. He wanted it as his surf mobile......... How about the Halloween costume party at my house, all you guys in your togas! Just in time for Oenophiles birthday. Hmm, my long term memorie is working pretty good . To many things to bring up here.
  9. Check ebay, type in Wierwille. It show up from time to time!
  10. What a treat to see her sing that song, I really haven't thought much about it until I posted the clues.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
  12. The best for me is the birds in the a.m. when they chorus together.And the sun rising. Love that time of the day! No alarm needed.
  13. Pirate of the Caribbean-at worlds end Jonathan Pryce Tomorrow Never Dies (James Bond)
  14. Sounds like Mister Rogers Neighborhood.
  15. The Ballad of the Green Berets-Sargent Barry Sadler wrote and sang the tune.
  16. Ca_dreaming


    I remember stopping at Ex10's parent's after the year was over, nothing like that southern hospitality. Seeing Elvis's mansion was exciting too. I remember keeping someones bike at my place think it was PG's. As for cars, I had a 63 Mercury Monterey, in mint condition.....except when it died on me near Emporia. But it was fixed in no time. That car also got hit which provided me $$$ for the Advanced clas. Finally got it fixed in 85, while in CA.
  17. BBQ................................... :unsure: I am contemplating my navel on this one! Still contemplating!
  18. Well I declare,,, It had something to do with a napkin and a roll. A lot of twisting and turning it into a piece of fruit. Hence , "Ain't that a peach"
  19. Thanks Socks and Twinky you insite is sound advice.
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