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  1. Happy Birthday, Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. I was on HQ staff (interim corps) the year AOS was done. They did several performances and I attended several of those because my boss told me I had to go. I always fell asleep during the show. At first I tried really hard to stay awake and then I just thought "To hell with it" and enjoyed the nap. I don't know anything about dance, but I did find it painful to watch LCM doing his thing up there. Groucho, your description of the performance is hysterical.
  3. ex10, I think I sent you a private message. At least I meant to. Hope it went through.
  4. Just catching up here... Oak, I emailed you.
  5. I have to get back to work here in a few minutes, but anyone have any suggestions on what color goes well with medium oak trim? I am horrible at picking and matching colors and need to go pick up paint for my living room. I had the windows replaced and the new trim is a a medium oak. I can't figure out what the heck color I am supposed to paint it. It is white at the moment and seems very sterile and lifeless.
  6. States far outside of Gulf region are offering housing to survivors. I live in a northern state and we have been asked to house survivors in our homes. I am ske-daddling to finish some remodeling projects I have been puttering away at so I can take a person or two. I read the story about Adrienne Picou and her grandson Eddie. Eddie was the little boy who told the reporter they were going to Whatchamacallit, Texas. I would love to have folks like them come and share my home for awhile. I have a tiny bike in my garage that my nieces and nephews have outgrown. I was going to donate it th
  7. Does anyone know if Jeff and Clarice Wallace are safe? I only remember them from being in residence with them at Emporia, but they keep coming to mind and have been in my prayers. They are listed on an ex-way link as being in Pass Christian, MS which I have read was destryoed by Katrina.
  8. Thanks for this thread. I am not a musician but am thankful that you folks are. The music that plays when this thread is open is breathtaking.
  9. How about: Budget Tow Little Tow L'il Tow Thrifty Tow Zen Towing Express Towing Artful Towing Jake's Towing (then one of your could change your name to Jake) Bill-isimo Towing (Is your husband's name Bill?) CW Towing Metro Towing The Tow-er As ye tow, so shall ye reap. Oops. That should probably be in Doctrinal forum. Oh.. that's a good one...Doc's Towing
  10. Best of luck to you all. Will miss your posts. Look forward to seeing pictures of the baby in about a year.
  11. I think being a lot more particular is a good thing. I liked the statement someone here had made awhile back (paraphrased to the best of my recollection): You know it's right to marry the person when you realize you can't live without them. Even my old attention deficit disordered low energy self appreciated that one.
  12. johniam: I deleted my post because I didn't want to dignify your stated beliefs with a reponse. I don't need or want to know any more about you or your life. If you are hitting your wife, I am sure she knows to call 911.
  13. !Family, Are you guys staying at the Villager (one on the linK)? Since I am fairly certain I'll be going, I made reservations there for Friday and Saturday night. What about youse guys?
  14. Was only kidding about the Weenie Roast part of the question. Am considering attending the wedding since you have so generously invited all Greasespotters. It seems like it would be so much fun and I feel like I know you guys from reading your posts over the years. Congratulations to you and your families.
  15. Thanks for answering, reikilady.
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