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  1. ZIX!!!! You just hafta come!!!!! I want to get a picture of us so I can tell my friends I hung out with Kevin Smith! ;)--> Love ya! -C!
  2. I was told once that ''Born to Run'' encouraged suicide because of the lyric ''it's a death trap, a suicide rap we gotta get out while we're young...'' As you can see...hasn't stopped me from listening to ''the Boss'' ;)--> A family member was told to burn all of her Stevie Nicks records because her production company is called ''Welsh Witch''. Oh brother! --> Don't think I'm gonna lose any crowns for singin' ''Darlington County'' in the shower...might scare the neighbors though! ;)--> :P-->
  3. PIGGY POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Now yer in fer it!!!! Where's mah key limes...I feel a good squishy wedgie comin' on!!!!! :P--> (Love ya girl! :)--> )
  4. Now now Refiner... Was this said: with the love of God in the renewed mind???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????? :D--> ;)-->
  5. AnaAna... I have missed you...it's good to ''hear'' you again! :)--> I also remember the chat room bein' a hoot! I don't frequent it much anymore not so much because of the folks there, but more because I like the old format better. Peace and love to you and Grizz... Love, -Colleen
  6. While you're at it, Refiner...give him a dose of Pepto too for his diarrhea of the mouth! -->
  7. Sooooooooooo....what you're saying is some of the people who actually agree with your load of fertilizer aren't bright enough to operate a keyboard??? Oh yeah...I'd want those folks backing me up! --> And... (Hears violins playing) Gosh Mikey...I didn't know they offered a purple heart for having to shovel all that fertilizer!!! There's a horse farm two doors down from me, ya think I could get one too??? GAG!!! :P-->
  8. just bringing this back to the top...:)-->
  9. How 'bout not being able to have any close relationships with anyone ''outside the household''? Overlooking bills and obligations, writing bad checks and having to ''believe'' for God to cover it. Of course if God didn't cover it, you were reproved harshly for not believing enough. -->
  10. Refiner... I don't...as long is there is a mutual respect for each other's beliefs/non-beliefs... There have been a few here that like to cram their theology or lack there of down your throat, that's when folks get ....ed...
  11. In your years involved was there one (or two, or more -->) things that your rational mind just couldn't justify but out of fear/devotion/respect/fill-in-the-blank you supressed it to remain a part of the ''household of believers''? I mean something so wrong that it made you totally uncomfortable thinking about it so you had to make yourself forget? What (if anything) have you done or are doing to fix that part of your heart/brain? Thanks for the edumacation! :D--> ;)-->
  12. Roy... I keep a journal of my conversations with God...izat what you mean? My journal is personal stuff between Him and I, nothing earth shattering, just simple conversation.
  13. There has definately been a climate change in the country since then. I see more secular musicians being more spiritual in their songwriting (Bruce Springsteen's ''The Rising'' for example) and partriotism and love of this country is prevelent. I would certainly hope and pray for a ''spiritual rebirth'', we sure could use it. Prayer for our president and our country and our troops...that's the answer.
  14. Wayfernot! I also struggle with the let go and let God thing. In TWI we were so trained that it was due to our believing and not God's will for our lives that things, good or bad, happen to us. I will give you a scenario from my life: About three years ago, my family (and there's 7 of us!) were living in a single wide 2 bedroom trailer. The landlord was a complete a$$hole and I was afraid to let my children outside to play, he lived right next to us. I met a woman I used to go to church with when I first moved to Tennessee in a Big Lots store and we began talking. She needed prayer so we prayed for her and she asked us if we needed anything so we told her about our housing situation. She told us about a friend who had been renting a house in the historic area of town that was moving back to Florida. We went the next day to see this house and it was perfect for us! We had made a list of all the things we would want in a house and it had it all! I met with the landlord the next day and he told us we could move in with no deposit and to just pay the rent that was due in two weeks! God Bless you Tom! I had been praying for this house for months. God honored my prayer. Fast forward to one year later. Tom had mentioned to us when we moved in that he had promised to sell the house to his accountant years ago, but didn't know when she would be moving back from Nashville. Well guess what, she bought the house and we had to leave this house, I believed (and still believe) was a gift from God. I was brokenhearted and very angry at Him for a long time. I couldn't understand why He would give us this house that we loved so much and then take it from us. We were back in a similar situation as before to boot. One night I sat up in bed after lying there for hours, tears streaming down my face I begged Him to answer me as to why He took my house from me. I cried and screamed and was furious with God for that. When I finally calmed down, He answered me: ''If I did it once, I will do it again...'' I could almost hear it and it kept repeating in my head. Two weeks later a man from our church came to see us and asked us if we'd bought a house yet. We explained to him our situation and he told us he may have someting for us. Today we are homeowners of a 4 bedroom 3 bath house. It cost us $600 to get in and we can see Chilhowee Mountain from our back yard. God will take care of you...don't lose faith! I have to remind myself everyday, but I know He's there. Sorry for the novel. :)-->
  15. Sadie... The implication was that my life in Florida was sooooooooooooooooo much better than it was in Jersey (according to him, at least... -->) that returning to Jersey would be a huge spiritual mistake. He later left Florida too...hmmmmmmmmmmmm... ;)-->
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