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  1. I'm Pam. I live in San Diego. (Every now and then I crawl out of the bushes long enough to read a post. Or even write one. Always have this place in my heart though.)
  2. My two cents... the name should be new (not include GreaseSpot). GS was distinct from WayDale, had its own personality. The ex-way community 3.0 should have its own identity too, whatever that is. My guess is we're going to figure out a way to keep the GS content online, but read-only. It can remain as an archive in its own right. You have extwi.com Paw??????? That's funny. The changes in social networking are certainly worth taking into consideration.
  3. I have never been a moderator here. Also, I have never posted under other names to further particular agendas (but if I had, it woulda been as Paragraph Lady in support of the English language). Oh, and I am not now - nor have I ever been - Satori. I have done more than a little closeted pseudo phone-a-friend co-adminstrating here, although not for awhile. In fact, for years, Paw and I used to gripe about how we never talked about anything BUT GreaseSpot. Now it comes up only occasionally. He has the moderators to thank for that. It made a HYOOOOOOOOOGE difference. Used to be I'd have to talk him out of closing GreaseSpot at least 3 or 4 times a year. In recent years it's been much better. These days I mostly feel out of touch with what's going on here, which kinda bums me out. The writing-it-out-of-me process I started on WayDale and continued here and on the road was a major turning point in my life. Then real life got in the way. But it's just as well not to spend so many hours in cyberland I suppose. Still... the connections made here, the underlying meaning, the words on the page... it is some fine and pithy stuff. KUDOS TO THE MODERATORS! Closeted or otherwise. You guys rock.
  4. Bittersweet for sure. I know I never would have been able to make sense of that decade in my life without finding a place to write about it, connecting with so many here, getting to know Paw. The idea of going out with a bang is pretty terrific - something splashy and irreverant perhaps? We gotta haul out the good dishes, the memories, the old-timers, and do it in style! Hey, who's gonna get the last word? :D
  5. Ah Lifted... lame am I. I got 3 1/2 jobs and I'm still finishing my dissertation. It's a miracle I even read road signs, much less GreaseSpot. Same pitiful way-too-busy story. Thanks!
  6. Hi Cowgirl! Good one. I think we ARE quite mad. Ala just told me I am as funny as the Heads with opera hats. I got no idea wtfooie that means, but it makes me feel proud none the less. Franglais... of course! Now I realize that I've got TWO second languages: Franglais and Spanglish. Thanks Ala!
  7. oh man... that reminds me I really hated Ferengi episodes Quark I could take - but those ones that were all Ferengi all the time - yeesh
  8. Ala! Je ne comprends pas, dagnabbit! Je comprends tu post (encroyable! encroyable je dit! je can read francais un peu apparently, mais le video? Non. Les personnes looked tres ha ha ha though. Ah merde. Ma francais. C'est tres tres sucky. Mais j'aime les pop tarts! Les pop tarts sont savoureux. pam (ne-m'appelez-pas-pammie!) sandiego
  9. heya Psalmy! rightbakatcha! thanks for giving a shout
  10. A worthy answer, George... worthy! The Savage Curtain (And here's the complete version of that cut off quote: "Captain’s log, stardate 5906.4. Who or what has been beamed aboard our vessel? An alien who has changed himself into this form? An illusion? I cannot conceive it possible that Abraham Lincoln could have actually been reincarnated. And yet his kindness, his gentle wisdom, his humor, everything about him is so right.") Ciao!
  11. Right series! "Captain’s log, stardate xxxxx. Who or what has been beamed aboard our vessel? An alien who has changed himself into this form? An illusion? I cannot conceive it possible that..."
  12. lol! point taken dug up some others - different people, same episode: "There is no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war except its ending." "I am pleased to see that we have differences. May we together become greater than the sum of both of us." (got one more that would be a dead give away)
  13. Oh man... I'm slow, Sushi. French tickler. Hello! Je estudie Francais pour huit ans, mais vous would never connait it. J'aime parle Francais hybride. (Plenty for George to fix there, lol.)
  14. You got something against the French, Sashimi? (Yeah, there's some, on the southeast coast especially I think. There's even a whole little island that IS part of France, right off the coast of Newfoundland. Imagine that. Zut alors.)
  15. Bada bing bada bang! One of those Vic Fontaine DS9's.
  16. Ala Kazam! It's where the bay (in this case, Bonne Bay) gets narrow for a stretch, between two land masses. Have no idea why it's called that.
  17. Is it the STNG where they visit that planet with all those weird hotties running around, and Wesley steps on the grass and gets the death penalty (but doesn't actually get killed, darn it)? :)
  18. Robin! Right on! Road Trip! I'm assuming Big Sur will be on the itinerary? It's a must. I can tell you about this secluded outdoor shower (right below PCH!), where the water comes straight out of the mountainside (and is heaven to drink). Famous writers have gotten naked there! (okay, uhhh maybe that's a little weird but...) There are some bodacious turnouts in Big Sur. Places you could live for months on end (well I could, anyway). Oh man, to be able to go there for the first time again... You'll have a blast. Great to read ya, Pam
  19. Hi Lifted! Funny little conversation you're having with yourself there. Great to hear from you!
  20. Ding ding ding ding ding! That's the one. Pen Pals. Great little exchange between Picard, Data, and Pulaski about the Prime Directive (Picard wins the argument with a little speech that includes this quote). Vintage ST bible.
  21. Oh you're too funny, Sushi! But no way. Vons.com baby. Somebody else has to lug all that crap in the house for me.
  22. Oh man... just barged right in didn't I? Well, I'm a known rule breaker. Thanks for the turn George. Not First Contact or Symbiosis. TNG though.
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