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  1. I'm trying to remember how this was presented in TWI ... or was it just a casual discussion among friends on the Indiana Campus? Clearly we were taught that Jesus came to complete the law, so we wouldn't have to be bound up with it any more. But there was more background to this. Something about how God's original intent was that we would not have rules and regs. And how the people themselves INSISTED on having laws, and that God initially resisted the requests, but then granted their wishes, by issuing the ten commandments, etc. Later, it got so screwed up that God had to send Jesus to put things back like the original plan. I'm simplifying this, because it's all so fuzzy in my memory. But I'd like to remember it clearly. Anyone else out there recall this stuff? Chapter and verse would be good. It's the O.T. info I'm looking for. Thanks.
  2. OldSkool Here's the problem. You are addressing the "innies" as though they were practiced in the use of Logic. You explain to them that there are many many people, all over the world, who are sharing the same eye-witness accounts of what went on in the Way. And then you even present it in the context of a Bible verse, which should make it completely acceptable to any good Wayfer. Brilliant! But ... Neither Logic nor Scripture will be processed by any Way Believer, unless their "leadership" tells them that the information is true. Any doubts, any speculation, any consideration of an outsider's view - is grounds for condemnation, from the leaders, the peers, and even from one's self. Don't you remember? A person's mind is no longer their own in the Way International. Example: In Family Corps Training, we were not allowed to read newspapers, watch TV, or listen to the radio. It was also very difficult to get permission to leave the campus. Yet when Election Day rolled around, we were all confronted (with much profanity) for not voting, and also for not knowing which candidates we should vote for. Logic? Zero. But we all believed the leadership, and despised ourselves for being so irresponsible. Geeeeeez.
  3. The first belief that I had to get rid of ... was that God thought I was a "self-willed bitch". The director of the Family Corps told me he had heard this from God by way of a revelation. When I think of any bad thing that's happened in my life, I can also remember counting on God for a solution. But when I believed that God Himself had rejected me, there was no place to go for comfort. Being dropped from Corps Training, along with my family, nearly all of my focus HAD TO be on mere survival. We had no home, no money, no jobs. The survival mode kept my brain too busy to concentrate on God's rejection of me. I suppose this was a good thing. When we finally got our feet back on the ground, I realized that the so-called revelation was just a crock.
  4. Update to January 2010. It's Pat, or "Shifra" around these parts. shifra.moon@gmail.com
  5. Jiminy Crickets! Thanks, Fiddlepicker. And Thomas. Two below zero and falling temps tonight. 12 inches of snow last night. But I see there are some very warm hearts on Greasespot. I would say "You're the best!". But I won't. -Luv you guys.
  6. Fiddlepicker, I'm having trouble finding the list of names in the online Companion Bible appendix. Appendix #98 shows some names that are used in the New Testament, but it's not a comprehensive list. And Tommy Loy, do you have that book? If so, could you post those seven names? And totally off the subject, are any of the rest of you freezing you tails off tonight? It's cold in Montana!
  7. Yes, it's the list with El Shaddai in it. I think it's on the list that Fiddle Picker has posted. I'll go there. And by the way, I like the list posted by Brainfixed too. Thanks, guys.
  8. I've lost, tossed and ceremonially burned most of my Way Ministry stuff. Somewhere in the ashes was the long list of the "Names of God". Although random clergymen have claimed to be the author of that list, in fact, we lowly Corps-in-Residence were the true research department in the "Names of God" project. Anyhow, I'd like to retrieve it if possible. If anyone out there has it, could you post it here, please? Thanks!
  9. Shifra


    Hi Jeff and Roy I think it's interesting that this topic is being discussed, because in TWI, there was no opportunity to debate ... anything! Nobody learned how to genuinely respect anyone else's opinion - or to even have an opinion of our own; instead we were REQUIRED to echo anything and everything that the "leadership" told us. On top of that, we all learned very quickly to imitate the righteous indignation of that leadership, whenever we were exposed to any non-Way thinking, especially ideas developed or put forth by other church groups. This made it really hard for a lot of us when we left the Way, because even though we no longer accepted TWI doctrine, we were so absolutely saturated with it (including the rejection of outside ideas), that it became difficult to relate to the real world. Gradually, most of us have learned to put such narrow-mindedness behind us, and move forward to a place of learning from others and actually being respectful to differing opinions. I love the stuff you write, Roy. 'Haven't been around GS for awhile, but maybe I'll stop by more often again. -Shifra.
  10. ... when you shun your dearest friends (or closest family), because some idiot guru tells you to.
  11. Hi there, were you in Arkansas during your twi times? We lived there from 84-98.

    And you did back room eh? My mother in law, Jean Rutterbush sure has some stories about back room, oy!

  12. Ham is right. In Corps training there was a good man who was essentially held hostage until plane tickets could be purchased to send him and his family back to Europe. I knew this family well, as they were in training with my family at the Indian Campus. They were banished to their rooms until travel arrangements were in place, and the rest of us (who really loved these folks) were ordered to leave them alone. As for dietary restrictions, well, we weren't allowed to use black pepper - Oh, the sin of it! - or to drink coffee with our meals. Nothing with onions was ever cooked or served when Martindale was visiting the campus, because he didn't like the smell. And as a "back-room girl", I was expected to remember each and every leader's preferences for beverages, condiments on their sandwiches, everything. If I had to actually ask them for this information, I was promptly reprimanded by my supervisor. Weird how FOOD becomes such a point of control. One big difference from the Arkansas group is that the Way's clergy weren't interested in little girls. No. They were more interested in married women.
  13. Hi Garden Girl! Just thought I'd check in to the Cafe for awhile. Nice to see that you're still fighting the forces of evil ... the Way, that is.
  14. Isn't it cool that nobody really knows what heaven is like? God has certain things that he keeps as surprises for us. That's as it should be. We just get to keep guessing until we see the real thing! Sorta like little kids on Christmas Eve. Fun, huh?
  15. You may be a Way Ministry tool if you are afraid to sign in to Greasespot as anything other than a "guest". Living in fear is really not what God had in mind.
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