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  1. In searching the deepest recesses of my fast fading memory, I believe it was an open 'Christian Family and Sex' evening, which may have have kept out the 12 year olds, but was still for all the grads in the area. All other details are as I remember it tho.Still not sure what seeing the doggy tape had to do with CF&S.
  2. I was living in St Marys, of all places, in '85, not on staff or corps (long story), when they had an open 'grad night' for all the people in the area, in the OSC big room. I was quite surprised when they pulled out the animal tape to show to 'the masses'. Varying degrees of revulsion and uncomfortableness resulted. I have no recollection of the reasons put forth for showing it. The cynical side of me thinks that someone just enjoyed seeing the reactions it produced.
  3. Thank you for the birthday greetings, which I just found thanks to a reminder from excathedra. This is more acknowledgement than I ever got at the rock, which always fell on my birthday, and was largely forgotten. It was also Don Weirwille's birthday, and I used to pretend the cheering and clapping in the main tent when they announced it was for me. It was also Fountainguy's birthday, who hasn't been around here much lately, but a belated Happy Birthday to him also.
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