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  1. I have been out for about 4 years now. Was in for 15. No offense to anyone, but why do you have to come and announce that you are leaving? I used to be here daily, hourly sometimes. Now-a-days, I come here very occasionally. Even if I decided to never come back, I wouldn't post it. CC, you are a wonderful person (at least as far as I can tell). But it really seems more like a put down to those who choose to stay because you no longer find value. Everyone that decides to permanently log-off, I wish you all the best. The contributions everyone makes are of great value. Just leave quietly when you go. Besides, you may change your mind! LLP works too hard trying to convince us twi is so great. I acted like that when I was still in too. I would have defended it to the end. Why does she care what people here think anyway?
  2. We got our kids to fellowship 3 times a week! On Sunday hook-ups, I had to dress in my best, then sit in an upstairs bedroom listening on the other speaker. The things was that it was right over the meeting room so we had to be extremely quiet! My 2 kids were under 4 at the time. We took them on Monday & Thursday night & they stayed up til almost 10 because we lived pretty far away. I once asked if we could switch off & 1 come to fellowship & the other stay home during the night ones. They decided my kids would be far more blessed there then not. I think they just had too many empty seats & didn't want us to vacate any. I do think they expected a little much but I am all for making kids behave & learning to sit still for 45 minutes. I used a spoon with a light touch after they were 2. I wouldn't ever (nor did anyone ever expect) beat my kids. The corp folk here had kids & I do think they understood most of the time.
  3. Catcup, I remember this guy. I sold a few things to him over 2 years ago. I believe he was from St Louis or there abouts. He actually called me on the phone. He kept me on the line for about an hour. He was very pro vpw & I just figured he was harmless but still in love with vp. I politely listened then got going. I supposed he has gotten bolder over time with his approach. Also, wasn't he a poster under his name of John Durbin for awhile either here or WayDale? He had a very aggressive pro-Wierwille approach. Wasn't he also ultimately banned? Wonder why he's out of twi. He sounds perfect for them.
  4. Something tells me they aren't ever gonna be hurting for cash. The minions may suffer but Roz will retire quite wealthy on the belivers dime. Heck, they could just have all the staph workers get regular jobs & work for free part time at the way.
  5. I think it's amazing that they were calling her baby a fetus. Wasn't she almost to term? Like 8 months along? That's a baby to me. Babies are born much younger & survive. And maybe he didn't kill the baby (circumstantial), but I bet when he killed the mom, the baby just forgot to move out! hey! It was suicide! That is just so ridiculous to say that he killed her but not the son. I've been on a murder trial. When they are soooo guilty, you don't even have to guess. The state has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. The defense can come up with any weird defense they feel like in order to try to generate doubt. The police thought he did it or they wouldn't have been following him. We also lost 2 people off our jury. It happens. That's why there are alternates. Sometimes the emotional strain is more than one can bear. One of ours had a nervous breakdown. I just can't believe some people actually stick up for the guy!
  6. Long story short...I was in a new job less than a month & totalled my company car! The next day, a regional sales mgr was extremely kind to me & told me life isn't fair sometimes & just move on. Later that day a woman was at the gas station. She asked me for 30 cents. I said no. I got in my car & started to think of my good fortune. I called her over & told her that someone was very kind to me today & although I normally don't hand money out, I gave her $5. She started crying & thanked me profusely. I wish I gave her $20. I sure could have. But she must have really needed it.
  7. I feel sorry for anyone that is still all hung up on the "great leader(s)" of twi. I always think about how pathetic I was when I was pushing the company line. It's almost the same as some kind of addiction that is destructive but one can't beat. You know it's their own fault but somehow still pity them. No one listens to me...but sometimes you gotta just shake your head & consider the source.
  8. I don't know...I just really don't care for the lines that take the assumption that we don't really "know" Jesus Christ. I guess my radar goes off when someone starts making all these assumptions. Plus, just because you vent, doesn't mean you are still acting the victim. Seems to me like most of us here are doing pretty good in life. I don't know. I am not acquainted with JAL, but it seems most of these guys are always acting like they need to fix us. I would take them a little more seriously if they didn't come off acting like they have it so together & we don't. :(-->
  9. Spider-man has been my favorite for over 30 years. It's about time they made a movie. I was a bit apprehensive about Tobey McGuire playing the part, but he really does a great job. The cool thing about Spider-man is that even though he's a superhero, he still faces life...a life more complicated now that he is Spidey! He is the coolest!
  10. don't forget: "spiritual suspicion" "spritually upset" "heavy revy" I'd think of more but I think I'll go barf! -->
  11. With all due respect to all opinions here, I don't see what is so wrong with what Pat says. He deleted the name once that was brought up didn't he? Even if Pat is coming from an area of bitterness toward twi, isn't that his right? Who are we to judge him? I'll admit that I'm a little bitter still myself. When I hear that from an innie, I wish I had the courage to say they're full of it to their face. We may not all agree but as long as he is civil, he deserves to have his opinions too. Plus, I think that he is doing a lot to expose twi. Maybe some don't like how it's done,but exposure is exposure. Just MY opinion.
  12. I really disliked going to those things. I had 2 kids about 3 & 2 so I had to sit upstairs in the bedroom, fully nicely dressed so that I could listen over the extension box. The worst part was that the bedroom was right over the living room so the kids had to be very quite & not make any noise or stomping for 1-1/2 hours. Sheesh!
  13. I don't understand why Pat shouldn't make money off the sale. If you inherit something (at no cost to you) and sell it, is it wrong? Should you have given it away? The area I live was useless desert and many, many years ago, a guy bought it. Everyone said he was crazy. The guy is a bazillionaire now. Should he have just sold it for what he paid for it? For all intents and purposes, when Pat bought the site, twi was so against the internet. I think he made a pretty shrewd business investment.
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