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  1. So...it looks like the scenery has improved around here. :)
  2. Hey Waysider. Hope you're doing well. So...I'm having trouble remembering the greasespot café names of the 5 or 6 people here who I have as Facebook friends, including you. Are you on FB?
  3. Hey, since most 'o youze seem to still be around I thought I'd say hi. Hi. I've thought about you guys. SS
  4. Me neither...what's up, mstar? :-) Maybe you already read this on Facebook: We lost power for 12 days, lost a bunch of trees, too. Too bad about the trees but I'm thankful they didn't hit the house. Actually, I'm glad I still have a house. Thousands of people around here lost theirs. The wind was the big problem for us. The storm surge affected those closer to the coast. Noo Yawk ain't done never seen nuthin' like this before!
  5. Hi Linda. I have "lost" a couple of friends on FB but I believe it was a FB glitch that dropped them from my list, as those people had no reason to un-friend me. On the other hand, I did drop a "friend" because of his long and idiotic political rants, but this was someone I haven't seen since high school and was never really friends with in the first place. Not anymore. Not on FB anyway. I was in job search mode for a while and I didn't want anything like that to affect my chances of getting a job. I even deleted my political and religious views from my profile. None of my FB are that strident about their views. If they were and their posts became annoying, I'd probably drop them or hide their posts.
  6. Interesting. I've been listening to that song for over 30 yrs and I barely knew the dadburn lyrics.
  7. Wall Street. Great movie. Best line: "Money's only something you need in case you don't die tomorrow." (Carl Fox) FREE POST
  8. I was trying to keep it lively and entertaining. whatever...free post
  9. Oy vey! You guys couldn't figure out the movie from the clip? The accompaying videos on YouTube didn't give the answer? I wasn't trying to be cryptic, I just thought you guys were a little more savvy. free post
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