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Hello wisconsinites!

I am looking diligently for ANYONE who lives here who still believes Gods word!!!!

I can hardly believe how many private interpretrating idioses are here

Please get back to me whoever you are, I am sending a message to the Father so dont mess around and lets get some likeminded believing God type things a-goin!

Bless you in the life giving name of Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God.


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Anyone in Wisconsin, you can send me note as I also am looking for some fellowship time (I am in the Milwaukee area but soon to be a bit northwest of the brew-town). No offense intended, I want nothing to do with The Way (TWI) - not to say I would not attend a twig (or whatever it is called now) and I for sure will not "tithe" or abundantly share to TWI, my $ go to organizations that I have researched.

Alibi: Anyone out there from around the early/mid 70's (I was an International WOW in 1974/75), would like to hear from you.

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