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  1. Listening to too much trauma in others lives kills faith and will reinforce negativsm. You have the power and love to minister to all of these people not just listen to the injustice that Satan brought into their lives. Cry Justice to The Lord and you will see it. Remember how Job was restored. It is not too late to be restored. The greatest healer is Jesus. By building a relationship with the Master, you will get healed and be led to the right person for you to fulfill your life and ministry. Be careful about putting your laundry in public view, not everyone will build your faith. Your new found time alone can be turned into a tremendous opportunity to spend time in prayer and worship. Let the angels join you in your songs to the Lord. Say hi to Praful I didnt mean to have this posted under a quote. Apologies to the above. It is meant for Dot and not a reply to someone else!!!!!! Pray for my navigational skills in this thread.
  2. How do you get the gluten out of corn?
  3. Finally, a refreshing and light hearted post. Being raised on Bisquick pancakes with Aunt Jemima syrup, it is nearly impossible to have a taste for anything healthy. Any healthy pancakes I tried always tasted like sandpaper. Try putting powdered sugar on your healthy pancakes...
  4. Life is spiritual and we are in a spiritual battle. I really didnt read the thread on forgiveness, but the bible and Jesus in the bible says to forgive unconditionally. Unforgiveness like the topic of being "offended" are a trick of the devil to get Christians to focus on and be "in the flesh." There is one ex-leader when I still hear his name, I have to battle with my flesh not to get angry. Can I walk in love and hate my brother? No As for my old friend Harvey, he is my old friend, too. I dare not judge a man who once blessed my life and broke bread with. Loyalty can be an ugly and binding thing. That is what I believe keeps him around. Also, many old leaders were afraid to go out and get real jobs. I guess, he is still trying "to be the man he knows to be." sad. He and P need prayers for deliverance.
  5. HE is the healer of broken hearts... This Jesus of Blue Galilee...
  6. Happy Birthday...Shellon. Peace to you
  7. Dear Nandon, Thank you for allowing me the time to "weigh in" on this matter. First of all, you should never proceed with healing and deliverance unless you have some doctrinal understanding from the Word of God. However, there have been some unlearned, hungry people delivered because they were guided by God to the right deliverer. A person should never be prayed for unless they WANT healing and deliverance. There must be a hunger to be "delivered" from whatever the problem is. Also, know that the power of God is more powerful than evil. Christians take authority over evil by faith in the name of Jesus Christ. The person ministering needs to be led by the Spirit to accurately and powerfully deliver a person from their problems. The "cause" or "root" of the problem must, by revelation be exposed and thrown out or the problem will return. Some people pray for the healing and deliverance of others and only deal with the surface of the problem and not pull out the root of the problem. Genuine deliverance occurs when the "cause" of the problems are removed. IMHO the necessities for a godly life, being healed and delivered come from the following ( I know there are more) Have a true relationship with Jesus Christ Love your brother (and sisters) Have a strong prayer life - Be led by the Holy Spirit Be strong in the revelatory gifts (or "manifestations" for the ex-TWI who cant get over the word "gift") word of knowledge, word of wisdom and be really awake in discerning of spirits Dont follow ministries, follow Jesus Be led by God to a ministry so you can walk in unity and "be about your Fathers business". Were talking Kingdom business... the great commission. People have posted about Dale Sides of Liberating Ministries for Christ, Int. My ministry was liberated by Dale in 1994. I learned how to operate the healing and delivering gifts through his ministry. Before anyone passes judgment on his life and ministry, they should meet him or hear him teach. He is a precious friend and brother. Through Dale, thousands of pastors and saints have been delivered, healed and equipped in the power of God domestically and in other countries. I was led to another ministry in 1998 but still reap the blessing of his life, today. During my involvement with his ministry, I saw many ex-TWI believers take his classes and attempt to follow him. Many were looking to replace TWI with him and he would not comply. Some were disappointed and left because they saw his character flaws (we all have them), or they went into relationship with him hoping to attain a ministry like his or "take" something from him he could not give. Bottom line, many "used " him. Some had legitimate "beefs" with him. None of my business. He is not a pastor. He is an apostolic warrior. He born to fight the devil. So, some went to him expecting a "medic" and found a "soldier". I have not seen too many ministers that walk in the healing and deliverance gifts like he does.
  8. Ephesians 6:11 The whole armor...Word Meanings in the NT by Robert Earle cites, Paul exhorted his readers: "Put on the whole armor of God. The verb is used regularly of putting on clothes. It may be translated to be clothed with. "Whole armor" is one word "panoplia." (You go cman). It is used metaphorically in v.11 and v. 13. and Luke 11:22, where it has a literal sense, "full armor of a heavily- armed soldier." Paul was a Roman citizen and Roman soldiers were in plain view. He obviously understood all aspects of Roman military since he mentions warfare in other NT writings. Paul wrote by the Spirit..."Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit." Ephesians 6:13... "withstand," greek word, anthistemi, Strongs #436, The verb suggests vigorously opposing, bravely resisting, standing face-to-face against an adversary, STANDING YOUR GROUND. We have authority over Satan and we have spiritual weapons to withstand. evil day...in the next post.
  9. You are called of God. We have discussed your call and ministry. Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles (schemes, strategies) of the devil. The adversary knows your calling and what you will be like in the fulfillment of your calling and destiny. The adv. has strategies against you to kill the calling. You are living through this. Look at Paul's prayers in Ephesians. Ephesians 1:15-23 Paul was praying for the believers in Ephesus. Remember my previous thread about the revival in Ephesus. Paul prayed for the Spirit of wisdom, revelation knowledge. This is how the believers in Ephesus outwitted the adv. their revelation through word of knowledge and word of wisdom was a greater strategy and defeated the wiles of the devil. The eyes of their understanding was enlightened and they knew the hope of their calling. Do you have hope in YOUR calling? Praise, worship God and He will give you the strategies to win in the situation you are in. Go on the offensive and your strategies from the Lord will head-off any attacks you are under. Ephesians 3:14-21 Expect to receive HIS strength when you pray for it. Not only will you get revelation, you will understand how to apply the revelation. Glory to God. We cannot rely on our own strength or worldly knowledge to defeat Satan. Rely on the strength of God. Be confident. Move forward.
  10. Dear Dot, Are you still checking this thread? Cman- kudos to you on panoply. I would like to see more detail on that. Dot... After we spoke on the phone I got more and more interested in this thread and I would like to write things to you in "chunks" about Ephesians 6. After I began more study in Ephesians 6, I realized that in order to get a handle on the sixth chapter, I had to go back and study the big picture. Overview. I went to Acts 19 and read about Paul in Ephesus. Talk about revival. It happened in Ephesus. Acts 19:11 says, Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul. Verse 12 so that even handerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them. verses 12-16 is the record of the sons of sceva. verse 17 the name of the Lord is magnified. Verses 18-19 confession of witchcraft and book burning. Verse 20. So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed. THIS HAPPENED IN EPHESUS. Ephesus was a huge place of idolatry and magical arts practice. Paul rolls in and with him is the demonstation of the power of God. Devils had to flee. More to come...
  11. God bless you Dot Throw away all your old Way doctrine on this matter. That is exactly what we learned, Way doctrine. Ok, I can hear someone say, Dont throw out the baby with the bath water. Well, there was no baby in the Way bathwater...only religious spirits. No one has ALL the answers, only insight. God has the answers. I will enjoy phone conversations with you on this subject Google- Ancient Roman armor and you will see the imagery that Paul described. I like the movie Gladiator. It has accurate uniforms. loins gird about with truth was no belt. Put on...is preparation for battle the actual battle is in the Spirit in prayer verse 18 is a big key to understanding the preceding verses The record is referring to spiritual warfare... we are led into spiritual warfare in prayer. We just dont decide to do it. Understand how to do spiritual warfare and you will understand the armor. Putting on the armor is related to the topic of holiness. Cant be living in sin and wear the armor Looking forward to the phone SOM
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I love you guys. On this special day L$nny H$pkins should post a link to his recording of the "Red Thread" from the dining room.
  13. Sorry to reply so late. I havent been on GS for a long time. Richard and I hung out at the monthly corpse meetings at the Limb in LR. Zorro was cool. I am sure we crossed paths at state WOW get togethers. I vaguely remember some end of the years BBQ at a lake for all the WOWS.
  14. Happy Birthday Simon...aka Brad Pitt of the 9th...you stallion.
  15. I remember Cinda. A real sweetheart. Loved to laugh. I remember hearing her incredible singing voice resonationg through Owens when she was practicing.
  16. In 1980, I spent two about two hours having lunch with my sister in Christ ex. I spent a year in training with her at Emporia . Although I didnt know her well, my WOWs' and I were in her town and I made contact with her. It was one of my fondest memories back in those days. Ex spoke the Word to me, I spoke the Word to her and we had a great time of fellowship. I saw the five-fold ministry of a Pastor in her and perceived a pure heart and a tremendous love for God. She blessed my life with her time and really ministered to me as I was pretty worn out from "the field." As I read this thread I learned things about her past that I did not know about. I am appalled at the attacks on her life. I am disgusted with the lack of sympathy and the hard heartedness aimed at her. I have learned over the years after being married for 26 years (and a faithful husband) that I or no other men have a clue how women think or how deeply sensitive they are. Many men are insensitive and think they are God's gift to women. Self absorbed men think all women "want it" because they think all women want them. What a joke. Where is the love of God and graciousness toward ex and other women who have been so violated by someone they were supposed to be able to trust? Ex is a wonderful woman with a heart for God. The rapes by VPW were no less than an attack by a man with devils of lust designed to steal, kill and destroy their lives thus aborting their ministerial calling not to mention their joy and happiness. Rape, what a selfish act. It is a violation of free will. I traveled and taught bible classes in 13 states in the U.S. from 1995 to 1998. The classes were mainly former TWI folks. The classes were designed to heal and restore people. I taught approximately one class a month. In EVERY class, at least one woman came to me and told me that VPW had raped them or forced them to do something sexually. One woman even told me she was his mistress at HQ for years and VP got jealous if he saw her with another man. These were first hand accounts and these women were truly traumitized. I heard more than I ever wanted to know and still have to live with the memories of their experiences. Instead of attacking ex, we should extend a healing hand to her. We as the body of Christ should discern the times and seasons and know that Christ is returning soon. Time spent attacking one another is time wasted and there are STILL souls in the world that need to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. Why don't we rise up again and get in the spiritual fight. Lets quit arguing over doctrine and witness to someone. Greasespot can be the most healing place for old TWI folks. Lets heal and not hurt. You know what I learned in PFAL? To walk in the love of God AND there is a dying world that needs to be evangelized. Millions now smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!! exxy, I admire and love you. You are a Pastor. Lets get you healed so you can feed the flock of God. SOMaster
  17. OOps, you are right. I hate it when you are always right. BUT it was green on the inside.
  18. Lets see... did we wear the the corps nametag on the right of left side when i felt like a real rebel, I clipped it on my belt loop...ooh ahh 9th corpse green nametag with pin and two clips for my suit lapel. btw dont get me started on the color of the Holy Spirit dove. Corpse night decked out in 3 piece with corps tag wow pin Holy Spirit dove I felt spiritual
  19. More memories... One of the great songwriters was Dan Moran. "Man from Galilee" has to be my all time favorite. In the late 80's, I was painting a house for a wealthy music producer in Santa Monica. One day, he was walking around wearing a TAKIT T-shirt. We started talking an he told me how he knew Dan and he told me a story how he knew Dan in Michigan and that he turned down a record contract back in the days. Anyway, Dan's love for God came across in every song. I was always impressed with Dan AND Randi. Wonderful people. Also, the Spirit of God moved when Tim Stiles played. He sang with authority and heart. I frequently heard the 6th Corps music tape in 76-77. My twig leader was interim corps and she played that tape 24 hours ALL YEAR LONG.
  20. Lets see... it has only been 26 years since LEAD. 9th corps... My main hitchhiking partner was a young (we all were back then) Irish girl named Nikki of the 11th. Help me figure this one out, NIKA. I had so much beer on my solo, I cant remember the town incident. lol..
  21. I have only positive memories when it comes to the music of the Way. The music I listened to over the 10 years in the Way really ministered to my heart and helped heal me and build me up. Joyful Noise released "America Awakes" came on the scene shortly after I took PFAL. I listened to it every morning before going to classes during my senior year in college. "Wake up America" woke me up to patriotism. Brian Bliss singing, We are sons of God with power... empowered me and gave me confidence in God's ability to protect and bless me on a daily basis. Then my apprenticeship year, with every Sunday night service tape, I looked forward to hearing "Glad Tidings" songs. I felt so encouraged and comforted by the heart in their music. Both groups were so rich in musical ability and talent than most people never even noticed. Who could forget "Rockin at the Rock" jams with Skip Mesquite on Sax. In residence, I got to see Glad Tidings on a regular basis. and I looked forward to hearing them play more than hearing the teachings. I was disappointed when they left Emporia. Those guys had rock star status in my eyes. They were still awesome without Vickie Allen. Hey, Vickie, Sleeper and Ana...Wow (no pun intended). My last year in residence, David Bailey was perhaps the most charismatic christian musician on the planet. He could move a crowd like no one else. When he picked up his guitar, well...what an anointing he carried. I would love to see him play anytime, anywhere. I had the privilege of spending a few years working with and knowing my brother, "Kenneth". No one had their finger on the pulse of christian music like he did. The Way music didn't move because of VP, it moved because of Ken. I have no bitterness or judgmental notes to share about the Way music . I only have fondness for the music and the brothers and sisters that ministered to me for ten years.
  22. Jesus I know and Paul I know but who are you?
  23. Dick Van Dyke Night at the Museum Ben Stiller
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