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Word in Bath weekend

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Notes re Weekend in the Word – Bath 20 and 21.10.06

A weekend in the Word in Bath, England, took place on 20-21 October. Rev Wayne Clapp came from CFF. Present were people from four or five cities in the UK as well as one or two from other countries. Overall, though, it was quite a small gathering comprising people who were ex-TWI, ex-Gartmore and some who have never been part of either. Surprisingly, there were a number of local believers who did not come. Different people came on each day, some coming to both days and some to only one. Some of them I haven’t seen in over 20 years. Catching up was like seeing them last week except that all had been hurt but were now much mellower and deeper, having recovered from their personal hurt.

The location was in village hall, and the entire interior had been washed, polished and was immaculately clean – done mostly by two male believers, one of whom has only been a Christian for about 3 years. Everything was decent and in order. These lads chose to wash all the chairs (shades of Rock of Ages) and vacuum the seats of the chairs; tables and chairs for dining were beautifully laid out (all this done without a single piece of string) and the kitchen was immaculate. (Way Corps couldn’t have done it better.)

There was abundance of food provided by the hosts and on the day lots of people helped to put together cooked food, fresh sandwiches, lay the perishable stuff on tables, etc. Nobody was asked to do anything. Everyone just chose to pitch in and do what they could.

Wayne taught on Saturday from Psalms and 2 Kings 18 & 19. He taught on standing firm in the midst of adversity, when besieged (from Kings) and that the people were just one day away from complete deliverance (it was that record where the women are fighting over whose son to kill and eat next – how desperate is that!!). Just one day from deliverance!! On Sunday he taught from 2 Kings and Chronicles on Hezekiah putting things in order right from the very beginning of his reign, on preparing his heart to do God’s Word and the resultant blessings to all Israel, not just Judea. That enabled Hezekiah’s people to withstand when they were besieged. He compared records from 2 Kings and from Chronicles and also gave references where appropriate from Isaiah, although we didn’t look at those. He wanted to make the point that preparation is the key to receiving the fullness of what’s available from God.

What Wayne taught on Saturday and Sunday was powerful and important, but the major thing that I want to share with you on this site is how he conducted himself.

Here on GSC, we have all been hurt and seen and experienced vile and unspeakable things from “leadership”, whether from CG or LCM or other folks connected with TWI. None of us are strangers to the blatant bullying from some self-appointed “men of God”. I still remember my first teaching session by CG, at Gartmore (man, there was hardly room for anyone else in the room, his ego was so big) followed by a brief and rather scary accidental meeting with him at some point during the same weekend. That still makes me shudder. He made me feel like I was too far below his exaltedness to be worthy of speaking to, and he wafted me off like a troublesome fly.

Last weekend was a universe[i/] away from TWI or Gartmore. As far as the east is from the west. Very tender and loving.

I am not particularly flying the flag for Wayne, I only went "for a look" but it is sooo different with him. I’ve heard him teach before but can’t recall actually speaking with him.

Absolutely no ego. I was visiting and later stayed at the home where he was staying, so all in all got to spend a fair bit of time with him. He needed a shirt ironing. After double checking myself (do I want to do this, or is it expected from a WC point of view?), I offered to iron his shirt. He absolutely refused to let me. "Too WC," he smiled. He put everyone before himself. Crikey, the man was sleeping in a TENT in the cold and rain - it rained very heavily in the middle of the night the tent leaked, and the airbed he was on went down twice - and still he wouldn't come in the house and take someone's bedroom. He was sharing the tent with another guy, just an “ordinary” believer, nobody high up. He simply would not do anything that would cause even slight difficulty to anyone. I was there! I was in the house!! In "my" own room for one night (kid's bedroom) - I even wanted and would have preferred to stay in the tent (love camping). He is NOT a leader who wants to be served, but to serve. There were other guests, and although it was patently obvious that Wayne really wanted to go to bed, he just sat up with the rest of us, fellowshipping as best he could. Over several evenings, not once did he thrust an opinion on anyone or try preaching at us or monopolising the time. In fact, he rarely spoke unless spoken to first.

He helped at take-down after the meetings, just like any other person, not pushing or directing but just helping where he could, hauling tables and chairs and ferrying stuff to the (self-appointed) washing up crew in the kitchen. Can't say I have seen many other "leaders" behave like that... (long pause for thought) - no, others have only told the worker bees what to do. He was so unobtrusive and quiet - he just got on with things, very low-key. It wasn't a show, it was just his heart to bless.

So all in all, it was a truly refreshing and enjoyable weekend. There was real and unfeigned love of God in and towards all and after the hardness of TWI, it was rest to the soul.

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Thanks so much, Twinky, for giving us the highlights of your week-end. Sounds like you had a lovely time, as did everyone.

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Yes we sure had a fantastic time twinky, there isnt much more for me

to say, I think you covered it all sooooooooo well, :dance::dance:

was great to see some old faces as well as the new ones.

what a loving tender time we had :cryhug_1_: awww group hug :cryhug_1_:

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Mary Poppins

Speaking of someone who serves......

I heard through the grapevine that you hosted a close friend of mine from the 10th at your home last May or so.

The other day, I got an email from him, and he is in the states, but we won't be able to get together I don't think. He has a full itinerary, and isn't coming anywhere near my house. :(

But we were jokin around saying it'll probably be easier for us to meet up in the UK than here. Which is true.........I told him to let me know when he plans to be there next.

Edited by ex10

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