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    Iam a fun loving person, very honest, and very positive.<br /><br />I love God, and myself and Husband run fellowships in our<br />home. I was born in the UK, and live in a little village, in the<br />country. I have been married 18 years, with three wonderful<br />children Son aged 20(first marriage) Daughter 17, Son 15.<br /><br />Iam a nurse and work on a ward in our local hospital. I love reading, and watching movies, playing board games. We also<br />travel, often to the United States to visit friends, and also to Europe for family holidays, this is a little about me, check out our web page, its great fun and also shows what we are doing here in the UK.<br /><br />Love in Christ.<br />kim<br />xxxx
  1. awwwww sudo,,,, yes i'm here but its real busy here in the UK at present, I have been around checking greasespots out, but not had time to post, off to Finland tomorrow, but will be back tuesday, and i will catch up with you all, believingly things will quiten down and i will have a little more time to post. Thanks I Love Bagpipes its great to see ya, email me we neede to catch up
  2. Yes we sure had a fantastic time twinky, there isnt much more for me to say, I think you covered it all sooooooooo well, was great to see some old faces as well as the new ones. what a loving tender time we had awww group hug
  3. I can only let you know what i had experienced, In the late 80's, there was a split, Gartmoor went one way WIGB and TWI went another, we ourselves were only a part of TWI, we had the leadership tapes and were told not to have anything to do with the Gartmoor crowd, as far as i know there is no Gartmoor anymore, gartmoor was sold off, and no-one knows where the money went, I do know the way international tried to win court cases to get the money from the sale of gartmoor but lost and didnt recieve a penny, but i do know that TWI is still up and running here in the UK, the headquarters are in Southampton, and is being run by, reese miller and grace, they run it for the way international in new knoxville, also bob moyihan is involved there also as he was seen there at a meeting one weekend when they were trying to recruit old way believers. I didnt attend but a very good friend of mine did he went just to see what was going on. this is all i know for the moment.
  4. Thanks paw, we really love the Euro Forum it will be great maybe to find old friends and maybe help any one with questions......... This is great.
  5. Hi all, this should be a great site, there is a lot going on in Europe right now, I am Marypoppins and my husband is powerfilled we live in the south west of the united kingdom, we have a great website so click my name and check us out, Hi Twinky, great name, you sure do purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr like a ***** cat...........LOL. Thanks for putting us forward to join the Euro forum. Yes it really was a great weekend,. shame WC was in a tent he didnt stay in a tent when he stayed with us, he was part of our family, and we had a fantastic time, everyday after lunch he would open the Word to us at our request, and shared God's Word with such heart and Love. I now look at the book of Philemon soooooooooo much more different i read it with the heart it was written with. Most people just go to Timothy and Titus but there is sooooooooooooooooo much more heart in Philemon, and this is expected of the leadership today, and for sure it shines in WC. What a powerful teacher he is. Are there anymore peeps out there from the United Kingdom. Would love to hear from you. Thanks Paw, great to see a site for the European people/believers Ok lets party Mine is a Guiness pint please..........
  6. Thanks sogwap51 Yes me to FreeAtlast, Mary Poppins was my favourite film, when i was younger, well i still love it now But i thought it would be a great nickname for here, as i am english lady that always has to carry a umbrella, because of the typical english weather lol
  7. awww i have missed this, but im off to finland for a few days so i will check it out when i get back where are you george are you not guessing, we should join back up and give Raf some grief
  8. AWWWWW Thanks George, Yes im still here, but been very busy... Had a great birthday, i was in India, with my husband and son, we sent to stay with some great believer friends of ours. and we are off to Finland in a few days, but thanks for thinking of me, i miss playing the game to, although cause of my english terminology i think i made it hard for you to guess the movie lol....
  9. marypoppins


    Hi Protint Welcome to greasespot's its a great place to hang out,
  10. I think there is more to this and by the way its not the goverment that reimburses its us, THE TAX PAYER. Now it all starts to make sense.
  11. Outofdafog I guess nothing is unbelievable any more, this guy actually trains potential foster parents, I dont even think suspended from his job is enough. If only they realised what they do mentally to these children, not taking into account the physical abuse, I watched a true story the other night called Mockingbird wont sing, it was so sad, about a little girl that had been abused by her dad and how the system truly messed her up. They think they do good, but boy the whole system needs a good shake. They get so involved in giving the child a number and then get bogged down with paper work, they cant even put a face to the number. So many get over looked, but there again so many are being abused. The world is truly waxing worse and worse.
  12. Very Clever Rhino, you are good at this I am having a guess at your pic's Serial MOM..... LOL i cant think of anything else right now. :)
  13. Well Done George it sure was Trading Places
  14. OHHH it was Jurassic Park, We have just finished fellowship, so i will post a new one before i go to bed, within the next hour, That was a pure guess, :)
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