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Yorkshire pudding


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Groucho dear, I'll always take your advice (no guarantees that I'll follow it tho ;). ) But please let me get this recipe- I'll even invite you to dinner sometime so you can see that I really DO know how to cook.

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Oooh - this is right up my ally...

My family is Welsh, so we have this every Christmas. If you've ever made popovers - this is basically the same thing.

I've included a recipe - it's a good one - but what we differently is that we usually have a rib roast for the meat. We use the drippings for the roast for the gravy and the Yorkies - so when you order your roast, ask the butcher not to trim the fat. The fat is important if you're going to do this right - and bacon grease just isn't as good. You can also add a little beef buillion dissolved in a little hot water, if needed, to the fat to stretch it, but that's only if you HAVE to do it..

Here's a great recipe:

Yorkshire Pudding

¼ cup of bacon dripping

½ cup milk

1 egg, well-beaten

½ cup sifted all-purpose flour

¼ teaspoon salt

Temp: 450º F Time: 10 - 15 min. I use a glass pie plate so if you also do, turn the heat down to 425°F.


One tasty and cooking trick - save in a mug in the fridge drained off bacon drippings to use in this recipe - also for that super taste in English Roast Potatoes!

Now combine well-beaten egg and milk; beat till light. Gradually beat in sifted flour and salt; beat with dover beater till smooth. Let stand 30 minutes. (I personally don't bother with this letting stand 30 minutes step.)

Put the bacon dripping into an 8"x8" baking pan or divided up between 6 large muffin tins. Heat in oven, make sure you watch pan as it will start to smoke! Pour batter into hot pan; bake in hot over till done. Serves 4.

The trick is the hot fat and the hot oven. Don't keep opening the oven to check. Serve immediately as it will deflate as it gets cold. Pour nice beef gravy over top. Or you can use "Yorkies" with chicken.

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Dooj, we always serve Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding on Christmas Eve as well. Jeff is the chef, but I looked up his recipe, and it's the same as Chas'. And as she said, the secret to success is the hot oven.

And this year, as a added surprise for our guests, we are making Twinky's sticky toffee pudding recipe for dessert. Yum.

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Doesn't have to be bacon dripping, just a little (very little, enough and no more that the puddings don't stick) of the dripping from the roast beef.

If you leave the batter to stand (you can leave as long as overnight) the puddings rise more.

The oven needs to be very hot (smoking slightly blue) then tip in the batter. You can make one big one but lots of little ones are better. And as Chas says, don't open the oven door.

You can experiment with different thicknesses of batter, but generally you don't want it too thick.

Brit delicacy (not for those with cholesterol problems): Leave the dripping that you need to make gravy, to stand and separate. Spread the fat when solid on thick chunks of bread. Can't say I like it but I know many who love it.

Ex10: Enjoy the sticky toffee pudding (licking my lips in anticipation!)

Chas: What is a dover beater? Sounds like an implement for chastising fish!

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