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Most of you know......I am a left coaster. I grew up in Northern California, the SF bay area

...we had our traditions there........

The coastal influence........salmon or lobster with a clam or oyster stew/chowder.

The hispanic influence..... ask Socks <_<

As a german......when my (transplanted) German grandma did the cooking it was always did the pork and sauerkrat, traditional dinner. Pork for health, sauerkrat for wealth........(in germany, sauerkraut was the equivelent of green$ )

Now I live in North Carolina.....New Years isnt New Years without Pork, Black eyed Peas and Collards........same idea........health (the pork and black eyed peas) and the wealth (the green$ which symbolizes wealth.

How about where you live?


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Well being in the way from my preteen years until I was an adult my tradition was some party and praying in the new year afterward. I did the same to my kids we went to the Way stuff and that was our tradition. We have been out of the Way for 4 years now and we have started a new tradition:

I have a house full of kids and we celebrate kid style. This year my house is too slummy and small so we are going to get a hotel room for the night at the holidome and swim until the pool closes and see the new year in there. I love our kid parties and so do all the kids.

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On New Year's Eve we get Chinese Food - that's an easy night - no cooking, no clean up.

On New Year's Day we go to hubby's mother's house (Yia Yia's) for pita and avgo-lemono soup. There's a coin in the pita - whoever gets the coin will have good luck for the new year. Hubby's family is Greek - I guess this is a big tradition with the Greeks. Either way, the pita (which is a feta and egg pita) is the best - homemade philo - and the soup is excellent - just can't beat it! :eusa_clap:

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The girls and I make home made hats and confetti. I get them sparking apple juice and I get wine since I really have yet to find a champagne I really like - I'll have to try some of the suggestions on the other thread. For the last few years, my oldest has gone to a "lock-in" at the church down the street. She gets to sleep in real late the next day as a result.

I alway make black eyed peas and corn bread - then I also make lentils because the kids like it better and in Italy that's what they eat for good luck - because the lentils resemble coins.

Hasn't worked yet - but at least the food is good.

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As a kid - there was no real New Year's tradition in our family.

Usually just a good meal, and then all of us watching the Rose Bowl game.

Free -- I'd forgotten about the twi meetings *praying in the New Year*

(not to be confused with *praying in the holy spirit*),

but I guess that was a *tradition* for about 10 years.

Out of twi, and divorced -- I and some others got together on New Year's Eve

to play music for fun --then turned it into a money making proposition.

We were hired for many years by a popular bar/restaurant to do the honors that night.

(Geo -- that was at the Island Lake Inn -- up the Rice Lake Road).

The lake being frozen, folks from all around the lake came over on snowmobiles for the evening.

There were ususally more snowmobiles parked in the lot there than there were cars.

These days I usually work, though this year I have the holiday off.

The guys at the group home need staffing, whether it's a holiday or not.

So if it's your scheduled day to work, you work.

This year -- I have no plans, except mostly staying inside.

Practice fiddle, visit GSC, and maybe stay up till midnight. :B)

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First my mom would burn a bayberry candle till it was completely out. She couldn't buy it for herself, it had to be given as a gift so she and my older married sisters would buy each other candles. She would also have a spread out and there would be herring. Creamed and pickled herring. *shudders* And of course drinks for the adults and pop for the kids.

New Year's Day we would have a pork roast with stuffing and apple sauce and all that.

I skip over the herring and the candle. I put out a buffet spread for family and friends New Year's Eve. New Year's Day I will cook whatever the family votes on to have that day.

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I usually get moderately inebriated and wallow in self-pity for a few hours.

Hey! It's a tradition. You gotta problem with that?

That sounds a lot like my new years' tradition... except for the moderate drunkenness part... :biglaugh: I'll let you guess as to which direction I vary on that :evildenk:

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