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  1. Hi Daggoo.....:) MWAH so good to see you. Never much on squirrel, but my oma (grandma) made a killer hassenffeffer (rabbit.)
  2. We had a little corner store owned by a chinese family.....my two favorites were the same as they are today. Beef jerky ... only then it was fifteen cents SWEET TARTS....can't remember the price but I am sure it was less that it is today. So Jim....my little store was on the corner of 9th street and Santa Clara Avenue, across the street from the Santa Clara Pharmacy. Yours?
  3. After I left staff at twi hq...I worked for a defense contractor. My "doogie howser" child genius boss would throw out things that "I should do." After 9 years on staff in which a suggestion was the same as a directive.....I would hop right on it and just about the time I finished it....he would change his mind. So, like Radar O'Reilly on MASH........I would be all finished with my task, just in time to go back and re do it all. Very Simple....but just for all of you that don;t know....I am not MALE, NOT short and don' wear glasses. :)
  4. Not planning to..........I can't even look at a postcard of the QE2 without getting sea sick. ror
  5. WOW you guys, a gal stops posting for a couple of years and she comes back to find one of the most stupid posts in the history of gspot or waydale. Come on Groucho my love, direct your rebellious energy towards something like finding out exactly how many people are still on staff, or obtaining a copy of twi's latest LTC list! BTW.....nice to see you all
  6. Oldiesman, How about Eli and his sons? Eli did not ensure that his sons lived the Word, so Eli, his sons, and the entire nation of Israel suffered the consequences. radar
  7. The corps night telephone hook-up in which Chris Geer first read POP was heard by Corps on the field, that was April 23rd 1986. It was then read to a couple of hundred invited guests in May of 1986 in NK. That year during corps week it was read out loud from under the big top (talk about a horrible week ) It depended on where people lived, and who the field "managers" were, how much they knew about pop. Some local leadership were very protective of their folks, others made sure everyone knew every jot and tittle. On March 8th 1988, lcm made his official break with gartmore and sent ou
  8. For some of the time I was on staff (85-94)only the staff, way corps and wows were required to wear their nametags. Basically, as of March 1989 all VISITORS were also required to wear names tags, because the "New Knoxville Vice," also known as the way safety department were afraid there were cop-outs sitting in the audience. Little did they know............. :unsure: Radar
  9. This afternoon the TX supreme court (what a scary thought) ordered the Yearning for Zion kids back to their parents/the YFZ compound. I am sick, I mean literally sick enough to vomit about this. Is it just my own past, having grown up in a cult? This whole situation has been giving me nightmares.......keeping me up at night. Do I just need to schedule an emergency appointment with a shrink, or are any of you feeling this unsettled? ror
  10. Methinks the Jehovah Witnesses are back. ror
  11. OMG! Today isn't my birthday, but to wake up and find such loving sentiments really means a lot to me. You all are so very special. Thanks so much. Love, Radar
  12. I have lots of old recipes too....they were / are my grandma's (she would be 104 now) and my mom's. JJ your hassenpfeffer & spaetzle rocks!!! That was a family favorite and we had it at least 4 times a year, one of those times was on my cousin's bday. We each got to pick our favorite meal for our birthday, his was ALWAYS rabbit and dumplings (the english translation ) with chocolate cake and boiled frosting. She also made kick foot squirrell with mashed potatoes, alot of fabulous food was a "poverty food," which is what most of our forebearers had to make do with. There is an old Fr
  13. Hi Chas, Check out Petfinder.com and go to the breed rescue group, there should also be some transport links from there. Also, you can check out AcmePetTransportation.com, they basically do the "train thing" the Dot mentioned but usually it is only for shelter moves. Someone there should be able to send you very helpful. Radar
  14. Abi or someone:) Can you please post the carb count for me? I am still on bed rest and can't get out to shop yet. Thanks! radar
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