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Inserting music into a post from a computer~


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Hi SafariVista,

I wish I know how...I think Sudo, Bluzeman and Greasy Tech know how maybe! I hope that You find out how..maybe you can teach me!

I don't know if You are a Mom...so Have a great Day/ or Mother's day?!

Love You SV, RBG

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Someone here has got to know the answer, I just know it.... ^_^

Got a cute song for Ms Dot.... please help~ Anyone?

You'll have to upload it to a web site 1st. Your internet service provider probably provides web space for you on their server to make your own homepage. Upload it to there (or do a wab search for 'free web space' and join one). Upload the song...go to it in your browser, copy the link address from the top and paste that into your GS post. That should do it.

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Hopefully Bluzeman got you set up. If not, here's a fairly straight forward place you can upload files (music, whatever) to:

Free web space for files

Have fun!

Walk This Way --- Not sure if I've said *hey there* to you or not.

Let me correct that, if I haven't.

Welcome to GreaseSpot.

:wave: :wave: :wave:

Now -- I've got an :offtopic: question (if I may -----)

Which is the CIVILIZED side of the Mississipp, eh????


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Which is the CIVILIZED side of the Mississipp, eh????

Thanks for the welcome...and

the civilized side of the Mississipp is currently the East side. It used to be West but then Arnold became governor and not much can be taken seriously out there anymore so we moved. We used to live in CA, in the Mojave Desert, now we're in Kentucky and it seems much greener and maybe just a bit more civilized! (no we didn't really move 'cause of Arnold)

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