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  1. Would this be a coloring book or booklet? I may have something like that in a box.....
  2. SafariVista


    Getting itchy watching them~ ewwwww
  3. Hello Ms. Dot! Wondering how your relocation adventure is coming along? Any place look good yet? Going to visit some places? If you visit the Smokey Mountains... watch out for the 'Smoke' ^_^ Click the dancing happy guy=====>>>>>
  4. One is in the 'Testing' area :) ... still working on it
  5. Well Ms. Shifra~ Honestly, I don't know the answers.... but I AM so very glad to see you again, and hope you enjoy your new self here! ^_^
  6. So good to see you Pat :) Heard some VERY good news too ~ :wub:
  7. SafariVista


    Mstar, Sure glad you're okay! That does sound scary!!!! :o Not sure what to do about the choking while alone, and it does seem to be a good thing for everyone to know. Possibly liquid vitamins would be safer.... ;)
  8. whew.... looked at some 'free website' offers.... signed up for two... don't see anywhere to upload my music, only photos~
  9. Someone here has got to know the answer, I just know it.... ^_^ Got a cute song for Ms Dot.... please help~ Anyone?
  10. Thanks RainbowsGirl~ Anticipating 'the instructions'~ Happy Mother's Day to you too :) My four children and I are hanging out.... glad we're together & healthy!
  11. Easy to follow directions welcome! ^_^ The music is not copyrighted Thank you
  12. Markomalley ~ seems you have those that you can protect/consider.. including yourself?... and as far as individuals that are in the wrong... I don't know of anything Christian in a hidden agenda..... Do what needs to be done~ don't worry! ~ With love to you, Safari
  13. Let's see.. I think Holland, Michigan is w/in that 8 hour radius. There's an RV camp ground at Holland State Park, which has several patrons at this point. There are also camp grounds and hotels in the area. If you like biking and Lake activities, this is a nice place to vacation.. Many people think so :) There are places to rent bicycles, and water ‘toys’ if you so desire
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