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  1. Many of the more formal and higher church denominations begin a worship service with a procession into the church of clergy, acolytes, attendants and others involved in the service during the opening hymn. It is generally customary for the congregation to stand. That has been happening for over a thousand years The intent is not to honor the clergy but for the congregation to recognize and participate in the beginning of the worship service. I know hundreds of clergy from various denominations, this is the only instance that I can think of where someone is expected to stand “when clergy enters the room”.. I have no idea but it could partly be a bastardization and misinterpretation of that... but mostly i think it is due to overblown egos, and fragile sense of self importance
  2. DWHB- I have absolutely no disagreement with you on the institutional failings of the minus tree but I have to say although the majority of the theology, examples I experienced were something that I want little to do with --some simple statements that i heard can still ring true at times -at least to me. Even if the ministry failed to live by the aphorisms it promoted some (certainly not all--make no mistake about that) of them were still pretty good ideas. If they can be divorced from being associated with 'the institution' of TWI , I think we'd find that many of them are fairly universal ideas that never originated in TWI in the first place but may have been a place where some of us first heard it. Even if the organization did not, there were people that took some of these general sayings to heart and incorporated them in such a way as to be genuinely beneficial to them or others on some level or another. Im not a TWI apologist, but having spent a portion of my life there, thoughts, ideas, sayings, and phrases rise in my memory. A lot of them are .... of course, but some of them can still be worth considering--not because they were from TWI but because they are good general ideas . Regardless of where it came from, what 'they' did with it, or whether they were stolen rewrites --some of the individual concepts werent all bad..none of us would have ever stayed if there wasnt an occasional something that grabbed our attention. . The big problem (for me at least) was swallowing the whole thing without much real discernment if any. iI know its like mining through manure at times, or looking for a kernal of wheat amongst the chaff but i have to admit that something that is worth remembering occasionally arises for me. My involvement was over a decade, in any ten year period of my life ive heard something worth remembering no natter how bad the overall picture.. It was an odd period of time, maybe its stretching it but at this point Ill take what i can from that time so i dont have to write it off as a total loss. Whether they did it ir didnt do it- I still think loving your neighbor (or whatever the exact quote was which i cant see right now) is a pretty good idea. If thats what i get to pull out of the wreckage--ill take it
  3. There is no way that I want to see a Game 7- It is 12 hours before Game 6 and I can't eat or sleep. My chances of getting anything done today are officially zero..so far I have got what I wanted --well much more than I wanted really- -In April I pegged this team as lucky to finish third and hopefully make baseball, which had been disastrous in Boston for 2 years, fun again. They have far exceeded anything that I had hoped for, this is all gravy. Its good to see what can happen when 25 guys- all 25 guys- regardless of their supposed skill level, play together for a single common goal as opposed to their individual accomplishments.....It is a rarity in sports but it has come through this year and has been great to watch--Go Sox!
  4. Lets hope so...but I am not counting anything until the final out...or the final walkoff...It is still 14 hours until game time and I havent slept, cant eat and feel like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve. It is looking good for the Sox--I like their chances but No matter what happens my body is gonna be a wreck for a week if I live through this
  5. Last night was the 27th anniversary of the Buckner game, the Red Sox certainly remembered him and honored him well after the last two games Id be all for never ever throwing to third again or at least until they can field better than 9 year olds For tonight I'd like to see both teams play up to their capacity for at least one game(and hopefully the rest of this series) is that so much to ask?
  6. One Down Three to go- Hopefully the Cards will wake up and make this a good series. They looked jittery to me tonight and not like The Cards that I had heard about or the ones that I expected. Its only one game and I have been around long enough to know things can change on a dime No matter what happens I know that I will be saddened when this Series is over and there is no more baseball until spring, This years Red Sox team has been a lot of fun to watch
  7. A near statistical deadheat between two very good teams. One of the enjoyable aspects of this is that the prima donnas of baseball (yea you Pujols, and I'll include Crawford and Gonzalez as well) will be watching from their villas. I dont know much about this years Cards but the Red Sox after the last two disastrous years and who were picked to finish dead last developed a cohesion and chemistry after the terrorist bombing near Fenway Park in April that has lasted all year. To me 'chemistry' has always been the X Factor that wins championships. The Red Sox aren't the team that is loaded with the most talent that I have ever seen but they are all very good ballplayers that play well together. On any given night you have no idea who will be the one to come up big but it could be anyone. There are no real superstars ( well Ortiz--maybe) and no real holes on this roster. The Bearded wonders have made baseball fun again...I'm looking forward to a good series
  8. Have you actually been to this place or is it a dream place? I dont know much about Michigan but I have been to glass geometric structures just about everywhere else. What was it a pyramid?, a docadehedron? Supermans crystal palace? Have a pyramid... there are lots of glass pyramids
  9. I dont come here much anymore but I did fine in Massachusetts. My house power went down for a few hours and my shop for 4 days but that was not a big deal.There was no flooding in my neck of the woods. After a few weeks I have several (non GS) friends scattered in various places around NJ that are still without power.Despite that they seem to be doing better than I would expect, doing what they have to do to adapt and seem to be OK
  10. His other Dad wrote alot of stuff, mostly dictated as he too was very busy
  11. He was pretty busy and died young. When exactly was he supposed to write anything?
  12. On facebook I post whatever is on my mind. Since I enjoy politics a number of my posts are political. Over the last few years there have been a few 'thank yous' for bringing something to someones attention, and there been afew heated debates-- nothing too serious --but mostly just a few checked "likes" and a comment or two. I havent lost or unfriended anyone. I dont know if anyone unfriended me other than one congresswoman from Iowa who didnt seem to like anyone that disagreed with her. I enjoy the debates and the differences of opinion which gives me something to think about. Personally Id rather get in a political discussion on FB than have to look at all those infernal pictures of terminally cute kittens
  13. mstar1


    After the first day and reading some of the testimony I can barely bring myself to listen to or read anymore, it is %^&*$ absolutely disgusting....It is so completely depraved... I hope that the victims can find some kind of empowerment by coming forward and that it can somehow strengthen other victims of abuse. as for Sandusky-I have no mercy-stick him in the prison general population with violent criminals, murderers and gangs and let him get taste of what he doled out before they end him
  14. Well... He is dealing with the type of consumers that will accept a "Dr" that uses an electricians tool as a means of diagnosis ...they might not be the most discerning bunch... At least he still doesnt advertise that Cancer is a devil spirit -- that might not go over--- he has moved on to tooth fillings and resentment being causes---
  15. I only met him once sometime in the late 90's. He spoke a whole lot about devil spirits and the end times and described himself as an 'apostle'. He seemed like a fairly engaging speaker until I actually listened to him ( ) in which case to me he seemed to get more and more outlandish the more that he spoke. From what I remember everything was a big convoluted conspiracy to which he alone had the secret keys which were hand delivered to him personally by God. (take my class!) Each to his own. He was like Wierwille on steroids to me. No thanks
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