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What the Deaf Man Heard

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I've read this whole thread and am still wondering how I feel about the whole thing.

I don't have anything really to add, except, the error (wrong doctrine) of the way runs much deeper than many of us dare to confront, on an emotional level. Yeah, sure, we can sift through the intellectual, bible knowledge, studying type stuff, but the emotional/psychological effects are a whole different story altogether. Some of us want to deal with it, some don't. C'est la vie.

As for me, I don't wanna be an emotional cripple for the rest of my life. This is not a put down, just my perspective.

I love you, Hope, for your honesty, and forthrightness. heart.gif

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Ex tenth

You say you do not want to be an emotional cripple for the rest of your life.

"some want to deal with IT some do not ."

What is the IT your writing about?

Do you want to deal with it?

Is it the fact some say things that have no proof or the fact they need no proof for you?

What do you mean and how do you address the fact you do not want to be an emotional cripple?

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I remember when the fog years hit. I kept asking what was going on. I wasn't corps, so I didn't know anything except what leadership chose to tell me. They kept telling me CG accused the bot. I asked what they were being accused of. I was told it wasn't important since it was a lie. I asked how do you know who is right? lcm could say he was right, and CG could say he was right. I was told to ask God. God didn't tell me, otherwise He would have told me to get the "F" out in 1987-88 when I was asking these questions. Nobody asked for proof from lcm to prove he was right, they just took his word for it.

I take people's word for it if they tell me an experience they had unless they give me a reason not to. Some may say I'm naieve, but I agree with Hope that they don't have anything to benefit by divulging the information.

I dont' agree that GS is about PFAL. There are people who never took that stupid class. It's about people sharing experiences and venting frustrations to help them move on and then forget about the time they spent in a horrendous cult. For some people, this may take longer. I don't judge how long it takes for anybody to heal.

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.

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Amen Hope

But when people have been hurt beyond repair by the doctrines and practices of TWI, and a poster tells them to master PFAL or listen to old tapes of VP or read Blue Book - I want to SCREAM. They don't get it. I believe they refuse to see the other side of TWI. And I agree 100% with what Jerry said about PFAL. Go to the link he posted. It's an eye opener to those who think PFAL is akin to the Word of God

I agree, I think some of these people are trolls or still TWI -- or in some nutty off shoot. I think they know each other or are the same person and are invading GS to attack the healing that has been going on by sharing what we know of TWI. (Putting the pieces of the puzzle together.) PFAL is their plasma.

This used to be a place to just kinda poke fun at TWI and share what we experienced. Now it is a place where each time you want to speak someone is shoving PFAL down your throat.

People disagree. That is okay, it is this constant push of PFAL and love for Weirwille which is a gross out.

I love God! Plenty of folks love God who never even heard of VP or PFAL. I do not think these people understand that.

Hope - I love you. Let's ignore them.

Dot Matrix

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I don't think GS is trying to save PFAL or push it on anyone.

Here is part of the statement for GS

Our mission is to provide information that tells the other side of the story about The Way International and its trustees. Our hope is that GreaseSpot Cafe serves as a place where those who have been impacted by The Way can make connections with people and information which will support their particular process of recovery

Dot Matrix

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