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Not to toot my own horn (but if I don't, no one else will :biglaugh: ), but as of June 3, 2008, I finished the Toastmasters Basic Communication Manual. That is the one where you give ten speeches of 5-7 minutes in front of your fellow Toastmasters and are evaluated on them, each one focusing on a different aspect of speech performance.

I now am able to put a couple of letters after my name (C.C.).I suppose I could have done it before, but it would have been without Toastmasters International's imprimatur. :biglaugh: It is to be hoped, I will be able to start a speech coaching business, with the letters lending credibility.

In other Toastmaster related news, I was elected Vice President of Education for my club. It was a landslide victory, since I was running unopposed. I am excited about this, since it means I will be an integral part of the club's success for the coming year.

If you have any qualms about public speaking, I would highly recommend finding a Toastmaster's club in your area and jumping in with both feet. Or, putting a toe in the water. However which way you do it, just DO it.


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Congratulations. clown1.gif

It's nice to see you full of the hope and confidence that the taste of success brings.

It's so good being on the train marked "Life."

When I became certified as an internal auditor, it was the first thing satisfying I accomplished since taking pfal.

Then I started a eCornell certification program in financial management.

It's such a toot to feel like a Success is possible, and that we are contributing members of a society of which we are a part (and not apart from).


In hope,

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Thanks, Kit.

I received my first two advanced manuals yesterday, "Humorously Speaking" (surprise, surprise) and "Interpersonal Communication" along with my certificate of completion. I can't wait for the weekend to get a frame to put it in. It will be prominently displayed in the living room.

I'm also waiting for my new nametag (for those reading this, no, it won't be like a WC nametag. I'll still remember the little people who got me there :biglaugh: ).

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