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  1. Best of everything to you Roy. You know I'm crazy about ya, if you never read it. I wander in here about every 2 months or so, peek around and leave, usually. But that's me and that's cuz it's not a healthy place for me anymore, usually. Doesn't change how I feel about the people here. Take care of you and keep in touch will ya? Shellon, Rick, Kelly and Samantha shellonnorth@gmail.com
  2. Having attended so many of the former Weenie Roasts, I shall decline as well. Would be nice to enjoy stories and pictures of those of you who've never experienced those, start a new tradition !
  3. Thanks for info, Robes, but I can't see if your post his waydale or greasespot name. I have had two glass of some yummy wine, so it's possible the words are bluring, but I read it three times. Doesn't matter, really, as I'll pray for Mike whether or not I ever know his chat name.
  4. :eusa_clap:Congratulations, Best Wishes, Good Luck, do you plan to have babies? Seriously, I am thrilled for you both to have found your happy and decided to do something about it. You restore my faith in the institution just a very little smidge.
  5. Congratulations ! That's wonderful. Still teaching?
  6. Shellon


    [i'm not sure what the original question is/was either but it's a good one, nonetheless. It is very difficult to trust I have found someone that takes care of my heart, yes.
  7. Sadness I'm the parent of two daughters and I understand and thank you for your refusing to back down. I'll be praying for your family.
  8. This dude is insulting He talks like he's teaching 1st graders blech
  9. Me too, the best and worst thing I ever did, getting involved in that mess. I took PFAL because someone told me to and in my fearful compliance I followed my blind leader(s) straight into the mess. My story is around here somewhere, I think.
  10. LOL sticky dude Only once about 4 ish years ago, ha!
  11. I'm trying, I really am, but I don't get it. Where is Hap4me? He fixes all thing politically related for me The dude is/was a politician. Ok, and???? He was involved in twi til he lost an election. Ok and??? Sorry
  12. Thank you, my favorite butterfly, yer a gem ya know! Hiway, I was thrilled to have my coffee in a chat with you that morning, thank you. I had my mama and my youngest daughter with me, so yup, lotsa love around me. Kelly did a dance and song thing just after midnight that was hysterical; she's a really funny kid. Samantha and her drunk friends doing a night before super bowl party called me and sang and very weird happy birthday song to me like only a bunch of wasted 20 something year old's can possibly sing it. Kelly wrote me a very moving poem; my favorite kind of gift. I picked up my mother at the airport coming home from her trip to my brothers for his 50th and we went out for a great quiet lunch. I talked to my 5 year old grand daughter who said "wow, nama, that's old !" when I told her I was 51. Ditched the rest of the day and just hacked around. Kelly did my chores and fixed us a light supper of fruit and cheese and wine for me and we caught a flick. The best day ever! ! !
  13. :wave:Happy Birthday Seth! It's fun to share our birthdays over the years huh? Hope it's been a happy one for you !
  14. Thanks, stickydude, yup, sounds like it's quite a party, eh? Thanks, Cynic, how the heck are ya?
  15. Thank you, Kit. I appreciate you! Shellon
  16. yeah! and the cool part is you don't have to just ask Abigail. Come on over and someone will let ya in the door.
  17. For the record, I wish I could blame some abusive ministry somewhere for all of my crap. But the truth is I can not. I took vows with a man I loved and with that came some abusive ministry and I willingly stayed with both cuz I loved the man I'd made some very important vows to. I don't regret that choice. Every single piece of shi+ that slammed some stupidity into my life cuz they thought they could, I knew it and did what was necessary, that's all. Sure I'd love to tell em off way better and God continues to give me shots at clearing some stinky and smelly air from time to time. This is but a teensy example of what I'd say if.............. But I do not give them power and control over my life; that's mine. And as such, I accept full responsibility for where I was every single day of those ministry years.
  18. Shellon

    Fabio Lives

    For the record, I refused to go on the snipe hunt or any other hunt, save for a scarey hunt for wine. I learned early on what a snipe hunt was and since I grew up with brothers, I knew this was a "lose the chick" in the woods, then laugh at her when she wanderd back to camp, IF she wanders back. No thanks.
  19. LOL my sticky friend, I don't know either...............
  20. Yeah, I'd like a shot at 'em. Hang on let me reload........... Bob Moynihan who paraded my husband up as an example of unbelief and unworthyness less than 2 weeks after he died..........Fu ck you And for then using my family against me, playing us against each other with the foolish belief that we'd never compare notes........ditto You'll answer for this stuff and I think God will let me watch you take it up the butt with no lube and if God provides you enough mercy as to be allowed lube, I'm taking it when no one is looking. Martindale who knew my husband was dying while you were on stage doing a SNS teaching and sent a note back saying you knew this would happen 'cuz of his unruly wife...........I can't tell you how tough it's been to watch your life explode before your beedy evil eyes and not celebrate. The lives stolen, the spirits crushed, the souls burned alive, yup, no lube, no mercy. Forgiveness, I could give a shi+ but I have to so I do but wooohooooo boy you're still responsible and I look like he!! in blue so I ain't holding any breath as to your attempting to be less evil. Tom Mu!!ins of Arkansas leadership who told me my eldest daughter was almost ready for you..............you have a daughter, I hope she's safe and no fat slobby pervert leader was fool enough to let that kind of crap fall outa his face to your face. Or I wish she was able to avoid it. Those of you who ignored my children when I had finally reached a place to have to escape your nastiness, then still refused to see it even when it was spelled out for you............can't tell ya what I'm thinking, it's too ugly. Bitter, me? Oh indeed. But risen to a better place, yes. Still carry your ugly in my heart, sometimes. The relationships rotted before my eyes cuz the lies still hold a place in the others' hearts; you're responsible. My oldest daughters addictions that I begged you for help with and you told me she was as worthless as her dead father, God forbid your child ever lives with such pain or you as the parent have to look that bad crap in the eyeballs and get no support while you watch your child die a little each day. All of this is just as much my responsibility as it is yours and I'll live with that. But at least I can
  21. It's the bride and groom's wedding day and they invited you. To assume it's a ploy by or for twi would indicate 1. they shouldn't be getting married and 2. I don't know, but go, enjoy, celebrate with the new couple and have a freakin' blast.
  22. Heck yeah, go and have a great time. Be your usual charming self and enjoy! Why not, I say.
  23. Shellon

    Fabio Lives

    Yup, same event, oh my gawd. That video is hysterical ! What fun that was, sigh. I can't speak for anyone else, but I experienced some life changing moments at that one.
  24. I thought that was me who was most hated and feared. HAHA. All these years I've been thinking that. About time so many closets were thrown open I guess eh? Since you came into the mod job after I'd already burned out, I hope you enjoyed the ladies room facilities, did you find the good coffee I hid in the back?
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