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process philosophy

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I can't read the entire article right now - Sushi is cooking dogs on the grill and they are almost done. :biglaugh:

But, I am very interested in this disucussion and will come back to it. I hope others will chime in as well. The gist I got from what I did read made a lot of sense to me.

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thanks Abigail,

I'd like to see some thoughts and different views on the process' also.

And not just limited to that website.

I think we will progress and are progressing all the time.

In some form or fashion.

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Change is certainly not illusory, but is an ongoing reality. All we have to do is look at our physical body and realize that we are a completely new person, what is it, every seven days?

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Since the time of Plato and Aristotle, philosophers have posited true reality as "timeless", based on permanent substances, whilst processes are denied or subordinated to timeless substances. If Socrates changes, becoming sick, Socrates is still the same (the substance of Socrates being the same), and change (his sickness) only glides over his substance: change is accidental, whereas the substance is essential

This is the deeper essence of many religions, I think. Those permanent substances being those things which are not yet seen.

And yet, the essence of us/me does change some too, I think, it learns and grows as a result of those things that glide over (and sometimes crash into) our substances. This is the process part, the "Becoming." of process philosophy.

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