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What's on the menu for Sunday's party?

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Yes, in true red, white, and blue American tradition, we are having a Super Bowl Party. Funny thing is, my family will be the only Americans at the party. Everybody else will be Brits. (I didn't plan it that way exactly, just how it turned out. Long story. icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:--> )

But, anyway, I thought it would be a great opportunity to show off the finest in Amercian cuisine, so we are smoking a pork shoulder, and are gonna have real true, bona-fide barbeque. (Memphis style, that is.) We'll pull the meat after it's done smoking and serve it with mustard slaw, beans, and possibly some chips thrown in for good measure. And of course, plenty of Coors and Corona with lime, the beers of choice in our crowd.

For appetizers, I'm gonna serve some stuffed jalapenos and of course, hot wings.

So what is on your menu for Sunday???? Inquiring minds want to know. icon_cool.gif

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bacon and eggs for breakfast.....with hash browns and buttered toast


ham sandwiches, dill pickle and chips for lunch


for supper we have sliced roast beef, whole carrots and potatoes, side salad and baked french bread


what game were you talking about?????????????

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Dear Ex:

Since it is the Super Bowl you really should have an American beer. If you root for the Raiders you could serve something from Anchor Brewing which is based in San Fran. They make a great brew called "Steam Beer". It is pricy, but good.

If you go bonkers for the Bucks then I don't want to talk to you. They killed our beloved Eagles. I think there are a few micro-breweries in Fla so just see what they have.

For my regular beer I drink a local brewery's offering. They make a good and reasonably priced ale. You could always ask your friends what they drink at home.

Hope this has been helpful.


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Looks scumptous! I think I'll pass on the keg, though. Although around here, lots of people rent Marguarita machines for their parties. icon_wink.gif;)-->


Yeah, you're right about the American Beer. I think I'll try some Shiner Bock, a Texas dark beer. icon_smile.gif:)--> Thanks.

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We be grillin' with our neighbors who have a big-screen TeeVee!

Ribs and brats and burgers...

I'm bringing some really hot bean-dip and nachos.

Don't know what else will be there except the beer.gifbeer.gifbeer.gifbeer.gifbeer.gifbeer.gif

Hope R. color>size>face>

GO BUCS!!!size> color>

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Where is the frozen tundra? I used to live in Michigan, which I now consider to be the frozen tundra. icon_smile.gif:)-->


Sounds like fun with the big screen tv. That's kinda how I ended up having all Brits here at our house. My 3 brothers and their families were gonna come over as well as my British friends, and they all (the brothers) decided to go to my bachelor brother's house because, you guessed it, he's got the big screen tv. Plus he's got a huge deep fryer (the outdoor kind) so they're gonna make a run to the fish market in Galveston for shrimp.

My British friends don't care much for American football, so they didn't mind that we have a normal tv. icon_cool.gif They're mainly coming over to hang out and eat anyway.

If we still lived in Michigan, we would definitely be cooking brats, and probably drinking Molson beer.

Hope everyone has a good time! Oh, and dare I say it? but I don't too much care who wins, not being a football fan myself. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->



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