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Cult Recovery 101


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"Cults attract intelligent, idealistic, ambitious people who are led to believe they are working for a greater good."

--------Jim Bergin

Here's an interesting clip.

It's a bit lengthy but worth watching (IMO)


Ya, i watched that last night. It's really good.

I like what he said about being addicted to the cult. I can see that a lot in people that are still in. They have to keep hearing the teachings and researching. So sad.

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Scary stuff, but interesting to see the horrendous parallels to the initiates of TWI. Interesting when he started talking about the sexual manipulation (about 30 mins in) and how it was a tool to control individuals. "When you give up your sexuality and let them control that, they've really got you" (paraphrase). He doesn't talk of a policy of "M&A" and only touched briefly on "shunning" but that may be because he managed to leave voluntarily.

His story on his own website here:


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