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  1. Pure genious dude. I feel exactly the same way about most of this.
  2. You have been officially "squirellized".

  3. The two new books that h put out are supposed to be the written form of the first part of his advanced class. Something like "in the steps of patriarchs, kings, and prophets." As best as I could see they emphasis the importance of men of God and being a man of God. I heard they're very well written though.
  4. Ya, the important thing to remember with this one is that TWI wouldn't exist if it weren't for the Christian Church. Wierwille was trained in the Christian church. He learned to preach in a Christian College. The works that he taught from came from Christians. Basically TWI only existed because it used the bible to manipulate people. If it weren't for the mainstream Christian church it never would have came into being.
  5. . . . . you're minister explains that he almost stopped to help a person stranded on the side of the road but decided not to because the devil was merely trying to keep him from coming to a bible meeting. . . . ah yeah. it's cuz you weren't preaching the word. you gots to bring the conversation back to the word. <_<
  6. . . . . you go to a bible study only to hear the leader of the study viciously rant about other Christians for an hour. After the meeting everyone is blown away and agrees, "He's definitely a prophet."
  7. I met a believer that bought VP's motorcyle on Ebay. Might be related.
  8. Have you checked the collaterals? They might shed some light on what this word means in this context . . . Maybe a literal according to usage or something . . . . :P
  9. I don't think God being good and him prohibiting us from fully utilizing the mind that he gave us is compatible.
  10. Ya, i think that religious belief should go something like this, "From what i've seen and what makes sense, this is probably what's true and i'm sticking to it."
  11. Ya, it was like if you figured out that the ruse you became an unbeliever, and we all know the meaning of that. This made you constantly suspicious of your own reason
  12. Ya, i watched that last night. It's really good. I like what he said about being addicted to the cult. I can see that a lot in people that are still in. They have to keep hearing the teachings and researching. So sad.
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