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Why Robots are good listeners


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Tired of those annoying automated sales calls? Now you can fight fire with fire. Order the Jeeves 920CS ! It’s a state-of-the-art domestic duty staff robot class with a built-in call-screening feature. Call now, our operators are standing by…


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Robots can provide the critical listening skills you need when trying to spot shady sales reps as well as perform the standard raised eyebrow to anything dubious. Why not have a robot tag along on your next shopping spree.



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35 minutes ago, Twinky said:

T-Bone, what are you on???!!!

Dear human known as Twinky,

I am glad you asked. Currently I’m just getting by since I am on operating system DOS 6.0 ...prehistoric, I know...I’ve been wanting to upgrade myself to a Windows operating system - - but the engineers tell me I will first need to have a whole bunch of firmware replaced in my mainframe…oops, scratch that - I mean my body.

Edited by T-Bone
Dang this self-diagnostic bid’nuss
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