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Macaroni and Cheese Sandwich


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On a recent TV show I saw a spot about a popular snack wagon called the Grilled Cheese Truck that travels around LA serving a sandwich made of Macaroni and Cheese topped with Barbecue and carmelized onions. called the Cheesy Mac and Rib, this is wildly popular.

As a vegetarian, I am not down for the BBQ. But I decided to try to make a substitute Cheesy Mac and Rib sandwich. The first time I used only Mac and Cheese. This was a bit too bland.

For the next try, I used Mac and Cheese with a bit of dry stuffing to make it firmer. Instead of BBQ I used Boca crumbles and Manwich sauce. Finally I put a slice of cheddar cheese on top and baked it for a few minutes. I did not substitute the onions.

It is not bad at all. The Vegetarian manwich offsets the Macaroni and Cheese nicely. There is still room for improvement, and I am trying different ingredients and breads.

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It sounds much more appetizing than the chicken-noodle soup sandwiches my kid sister used to make.

I have a cousin who mixes black-eyed peas and mayonaise. Supposedly it's some sort of Southern thing, but I've been down here all my life and it's the only time I've seen it!

As a Vegetarian sometimes I find my otpions are limited, as I'm not much of a chef. It's also trying sometimes because I was always a big BBQ fan back when I ate meat. I found some imitation BBQ at Whole Foods that was the most horrible stuff I've ever eaten. I vowed to just go and eat a real BBQ sandwich before ever eating that faux-BBQ goulash tasting stuff! The first time I did the Mac and Cheese recipe, I used Boca crumbles with straight BBQ sauce. That was much too strong, so now I just add a bit of BBQ sauce to the Manwich and it works better. I have also found that it is better on stuff like Arnold's bread or a coarser type bread than regular sandwich bread.

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I'm not a "hardcore" vegetarian in that if I should happen to eat something with a mean by-product in it and find out later, I just avoid it in the future. If there is literally nothing else to eat, or if I make a mistake, no big deal. I was at a cookout once where I had brought Boca burgers, but the host got it mixed up and served me a hamburger by mistake. They looked about the same off the grill with everything on them. She was horrified. It was sort of funny because she looked like she expected me to turn into the Hulk for something. But I just laughed and told her not to sweat it. Then I asked the person who got the veggie burger how it tasted: I used it as an promotional tool, so to speak.

But I know some people who would literally die rather than eat meat.

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