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Super Bowl 46

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I think this was the first Super Bowl that was available to watch on the internet.

I usually am busy doing other things and don't watch, but this way it was nice addition to be a part of such a cultural display.

Of course I have been praying for everyone to be safe and have a nice time.

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It's already been what.. three days? Maybe somebody could clue me in.

1. Who ended up playing..

2. Who won, other than the winning advertisements?


I'll eventully see them, the prize winning thirty second shots.. on, no other media than..

the internet..


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The teams who played were The New England Patriots and The New York Giants. The Patriots were favored to win but (of course) The Giants won behind the passing of Ely Manning. I thought it was a pretty well played game between two evenly matched teams. Most importantly Ham, I was disappointed with the commercials, nothing stuck out. And, it seemed to me that Madonna bombed as the music artist for the half-time show.

Now your up to date.

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