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Divine healing ..anyone here ever watched Curry Blake or Dan Mohler on youtube?? What thinkeths thou??

jim jack

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After getting quite sick two years ago, I thought I would check out "healing" on youtube..just to see what could be found.Initially I began to watch videos by a believer named Thomas Fischer..amazed me that people were ministering to the people on the street and healings were taking place & videod...I've progressed thru the teachings of Dan Mohler & especially Curry Blake whom both teach that we should minister...but Curry IMHO teaches more of the "how" & reasons why we should NOT get talked out of it....

The sickness that I battled has turned l80 degrees as its great to feel great and my search which I was encouraged in via the advanced clas some 40 years ago via TWI has now resumed..& I feel that I'm again growing & being a doer & not a hearer only...so if any of you care to wander over to youtube.com..just type in any of those names & give a gander & reply if you'd care to..This has been fun and its EASY.  Jim

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9 hours ago, penguin2 said:

Love what Dan Mohler is teaching. Have you seen Todd Smith?  Love that they just pursue love and goodness of God and that includes some pretty wild hea!ings! Teachis are challenging to actually go after what Jesus' It is finished really meant! 

Actually his name is Todd White. 

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Todd White was married (or is?) to Paula White, one of your “president’s“ favorite alt-right Nazi preachers. Why are you using the doctrinal forum in GSC to promote these phony healers, false prophets, and greedy wolves among God’s flock???

Raf, I protest this bigoted “Christian” BS being promoted here. It’s like promoting dictor paul’s wretched, destructive, fundamentalist Nazi personality cult.

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