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Howdy and God Bless U.

I'm an ex way believer, i was raised in it, but when i grew up my family was kicked off.

I have mixed feelings about what i lived, but for the most part of it I have a better life than i've never had before.

My dad who is now in his 70-80's, love the old stuff (music) by Core, Hope, Glad Tidings,Takit, Tom Lepinski, but it is so hard to find that stuff.

I dont want the music to sell it or distribute it, just to enjoy the content, does someone have this stuff? 

I have some old tunes by some bands and i'm willing to give it to anyone who wants.

But please help me, i am even willing to pay for those old tunes.

Thanks for accepting me!

Love and Mercy.

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Keep in mind that not a lot of us will have that in the first place.  I don't have music of the people I liked back in twi because they made music on tape back then. Few have made CDs and digital formats available.  The people most likely to have converted them to digital, i think, tend to be more in the "how dare you suggest vpw wasn't a fantastic human being" camp.   They're more likely to have felt the need to have either that or have no music at all, so they would have arranged conversions some time ago.  All of that's my thinking, though, so I might be wrong.  

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