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Seldom do I venture over into the Memoriam Thread......but I did today and saw that DMiller had passed away.  Age 68 (too young).  

And further, there was only 1 reply to this announcement....to a guy who'd posted on this site 12,421 times.


So, in light of that.....I just wanted to say....

Thank you, posters..... for sharing your stories, interests and viewpoints here at GreaseSpot.  Those who posted years ago, thank you!!  Sometimes, I venture back into pages 140-185 to re-read some of those fascinating threads and debates.  Certain posters that I knew in person.... I found/find it interesting to learn things from their area and viewpoint.  What happened?  Why people stayed?  Why people left?  Why people went back.....then left again?

As some posters have shared thru the years......we view those that leave GSC as "success stories."  This is a place of support, help, concern and forgiveness.  Some accuse us of bitterness for confronting wierwille's twi with their deception, fraud and sins.....but, in truth, it is WE who are standing firm on truth, values and dignity.  But for twi-leadership, past and present, that extended forgiveness must first be accompanied with godly sorrow to repentance....before forgiveness grants one a refreshing confidence (II Cor. 7:8-16).  So, until Paw wants to close shop here or pass the responsibilities onto someone else.....looks like the 'Spot will continue to support the weary of heart.

So, faithful posters.....thanks!!

If I drop off the radar and you read my obituary in the near future (hopefully, years from now)......I just wanted to cover my thanksgiving bases :wink2: and let you know I appreciate all your support.  And, if it's not too much trouble.....maybe a few of you guys could get a quartet together and sing at my funeral.  Thanks. :biglaugh: :wave:




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Sky thank you and the community here for excellent content.  Not mine of course, but I’m tolerated lol.

Yes 100% we are telling the truth and standing firm on truth values and dignity.  We have nothing to be ashamed of.  They should be ashamed, but they are not.  I do not see any godly repentance over the putrid fruit in their lives including impact on others lives.  

When God knows an individual will never give up their personal power for truth, that person is described as having a conscience seared with a hot iron.  

The top leaders at the way were trained up in the way of the Pharisee.  They function in the way of the Pharisee.  They gave up 2 decades of their life performing in the way of the Pharisee.  They are not going to magically transform into anything else other than Pharisees.  Among their peers there is rite of passage unwritten rules formed by the outcomes of power struggles and excommunication.

This is the unwritten law that rules the cult.  The Bible is secondary or tertiary at best.


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