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Animals can talk on Christmas Eve at midnight

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Hi Rottie,

Yes, I have heard of this. My daughter's cat is visiting us this Christmas, and right at midnight he jumped up on the bed and looked at my partner and me, and I swear I could hear his thoughts. He was saying, "What are you two doing that I wasn't invited!" icon_eek.gificon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_razz.gif:P-->

Just getting into the Christmas spirit,


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Hi Rottie,

One of my 5-year-old daughter's favorite prayers is for God to make all the animals able to talk.

Sometimes she will spend hours talking to her kitty and to Daisy, our puppy that just had one of it's legs amputated. She call them her "friends". She tells them her "secrets".


"Most of my fondest memories in TWI never really happened"

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cute comic WhiteDove

Nico talked too, she complained about her food. She wants more T-bones.

Dots, that sounds a little like Mary Worth to me. But I'm not sure. As kids we used to go into the bathroom, turn out the light, close our eyes and say "I believe in Mary Worth" 50 times and when you open your eyes she's in the mirror. But you could do that anytime, not just Halloween.



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My wife had taken one of our cats to the vet. It wasn't the cat's first trip there - it had remembered the vets's office. When they called my wife and she got up from the waiting room to carry the cat in the cat carrier into the examinaing room, the cat let loose with a loud yowl. A very clear "Noooooooooo!" was heard throughout the office. It was so clearly articulated that several of the vet's workers emerged from the back room and exclaimed, "Wow, where did that come from?"

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