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Hey Hawk, since we can't seem to get anyone to join us on the 8th corps thread, maybe we outta take over the 7th corps.

Just kidding, John.

Diedre Flick was another of those 7th corps I remember meeting, but only briefly...I knew the name well, though. Of course, everyone in the 8th corps knew Rob Kehoe very well...

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Sorry, but I had to work this entire weekend practically non stop, putting together a small network from scratch including installing many programs, etc. Deadline was Monday Morning and I just finished.

You guys please keep posting here. That's cool. I had a very good friend Gary Matsuk, in the 8th Corps. He was later our Area leader here in Tampa along with his wife Anne Morningstar (6th Corps). He was very funny. In all the years we lived here (22 years and counting) they were the BEST leaders we have ever had.

Little Hawk, I am not sure about Dee Dee's where abouts. She was a very nice person. I liked her but have lost contact with lots of people. Especially because I was in TWI until 2000.

Sunesis. I'll keep looking for you by trying to find your "friends in trouble". One of my rebel friends was Frank Piluso from da Bronx but I am not sure he made it past his interim year.

Does anyone know how I can find him? He was one of a kind.

Lifted up, so you went down to the basement and BAM! You are trapped! Did they physically restrain you with ropes, etc? Or was it more of an intervention style meeting (like with Christopher on the Sopranos).

Man, I don't know, I think I would have tried to kill someone if given the chance.

John R.

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Look. It's our Corps brother Mike Rood. Click here.

Damn! I remember when he was hawking car buffing franchises in residence. Interesting site.

I suppose we have all changed tremendoulsy in the last 23 years in one way or another.

Mike, if you are reading this I mean it as a compliment, really, but when I saw this pic I was reminded of a ZZ Top concert I went to. You're looking good brother.



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I was amply restrained by implication, as it were...enough guards with obvious physical capability in a confined area to make it plain that an escape attempt would be futile.

Things with family were actually going well until the "mind control" people reached them, during my time in the corps when we had limited contact. Frankly, it was not the Way that destroyed the family connections. For those of you who believe that admit that mind control was used in TWI but admit that it was not absolute; that mind control comes in "degrees", well, it was (and still is to some extent in general) presented to them as an absolute thing...Lifton's Korean War POW study applied almost literally...in my case. They became convinced by others that, basically, I was not really me as long as I was in the Way. I was presented with the choice of leaving the Way and swallowing what was being done to me in that deprogramming...or staying in and basically losing my family, since they were taught that they could not believe that I was really me while I was in.

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Hey John......thats quite a faxcinatin' pic ya got of ole Rood.......I mean ......i think he was once in the military too once wasn't he....was he training fer something bigger.

And yes Gary is a friend of mine also.....He and I were the first green card holders of MCB- Three USNCB....Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico....circa way back when. Compliments of Allen Ripke.....one of Hope's 6th corpse brethren.

And by all means .....keep them pic's a coming.

Your friendly tour guide to the bourbin regions of your homestate! Lil' Hawk...

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I wonder if I grew a ZZ Top beard if it would be gray like that. I think so. Didn't shave for a few days and saw some silver. My kids made me shave.

Well Gary & Ann did get together but of recent years they apparently "got apart". Happens.

Shannon was a hoot! If you know how I may contact her let me know too. We were in the same Corps twig for a whole year. It was during the time when you did everyting in twig, even all the meals. These were some of the people you got to know real well. We laughed a lot. Others in that twig included Mark Graeser, John McCave, Laura Elam and...for the rest I have to dust off my mammary pegs.

One, run

Two, zoo

Three, tree

Four, door

Five, hive

Six, sick

Seven, heaven

Eight, gate

Nine, wine

Ten, den

And for anything past that I'll just use my Palm Pilot.

John R.

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Wait a minute there Buck, of course we remember Shannon, what a sweetie, I hope you do too as you are married to her!!

You know Igotout, I still have our "yearbook." I think we were the only corps ever to have one. Do you still have yours?

Wow - Mike looks, well, alot older than I do. I never would have recognized him. I remember that ex-military, ramrod straight posture who was being groomed for leadership. Was he ordained? Boy, its amazing what we've become over the years.

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You gave me away! I'm caught! :-)

Yeah, I was just wanting to see what kind of responses would come up. I showed Shannon my note here on this thread, and she said; "But what if there was someone out there who hated me and wrote something mean?" BUt she was excited to see what would come up. I told her not to worry about it and that she would probably get positive responses. And I was curious as to your response Sunesis. I thought you might laugh at it...

So, thanks John. She liked you to. Shannon'll have to send you a note to your e-mail address, which, I presume is public since you've not endeavored to remain anonymous.

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I am glad I didn't say what I REALLY feel about Shannon and how she used to sleep with all of us and other scandals.

Well...we did...remember when we would do a twig sleepover only to have to get up at 5:30am (oh nevermind)

Shannon! How the hell are you! How many times you lightened the pressures of in res with your positive outlook and especially that huge loud laugh of yours. If I recall, you were an Okie weren't you? Please post on here. Your hubby can show you how or just pop in and say hi under his name.

It's easier to stay in touch with folks on a forum than it is one on one in my opinion. I think the internet is amazing. (I have become an easily amused geek.)

In case you are reading this, FYI, we stayed in The Way until 2000. Isn't that a hoot? But I stayed a nice guy all along. Really. I never was hardhearted and never shunned people. Probably why we were finally kicked out in 2000.

Other than that I became a window washer like a lot of us did except I kinda stayed with it:

Bay Area Window click here

Damn! I've been here ever since we graduated!

Take care Shannon, and please send me a pic of your family.

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Sunesis. Yeah I think I still have my yearbook somewhere around here. If not I will be very disappointed. I want to scan each and every page to preserve it digitally. Otherwise it will fade eventually.

That yearbook was an awesome idea I believe Dana Ranyak had. But I think she was prevented from doing it up right by the freakin Corps Nazi leadership. I am sure she could tell more about that.

Hey, if I can't find my copy could I borrow yours? I promise to take excellent care of it and will return it "better than I found it". (Sorry. WayBrain at work.) I'll also give you a CD containing all the scanned images.

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Hey,why is the 7th,uhhh,perfect corps thread wider than all the other threads? I have to scroll side to side to read everything...I don't have to do that on any of the other threads....It's not like I get a spiritual awakening every time I read this thing,but it is kind of annoying....Is it my computer,or the way it's set up?

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I think it is because of the group picture which is posted above. Not sure what can be done about that. Maybe won't happen on page 2 if we ever reach page 2 status.

This will give you an excuse to ask for that 21" monitor from Santa for Xmas.

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