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7th Corps - The not-so "perfect" Corps


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I had this this list of our graduating Corp typed and put on Word and in HTML if anybody wants a copy. It looks like Fran Glicka was the only smart one of the group based on her GPA.

Click here: 7th Corps Website

It brings back memories to see all those names. I often wonder how everyone has been doing for the last 25 years. I have lived here in the same area since we graduated in 1979.

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Aren't some of those kids with David Walker, from his first wife Deborah Carol, who was in the 7th corps also? (She is not here anymore).

John Shreve's middle name is William for the person that was looking for him in Mesa, AZ

Tell him about the reunion if you find him!

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I believe you are right, Valerie. I think Deborah and David had a couple of kids before she died. Not sure which ones are which.

Possible his second wife had kids from a previous marriage too. She is reachable. We should ask her. They have a good looking family.

I'll bet John WIlliam Shreve is still funny as hell.

John Richeson


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niKa... HegotHope... I found the literal translation according to usage for this our day and time:

thou art petros = YOU ROCK!

It's hard to make that change, When life and love turns strange. And old.

To give a love, you gotta live a love. To live a love, you gotta be "part of". When will I see you again?

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John: I promised you awhile back that I would look through my ancient photographic archives and see if I couldn't retrieve some pics of the 7th. Yes.....I promised. And I didn't get Round-Tooit. I lied. :redface: I shall forthwith and verily flagellate myself (we learned how to do that from watching the Martin Luther film, remember?).

We just moved into some new digs and everything is packed, but I shall go forth and dig. Will let you know if I find some.

Jeff (Yeah....THAT Jeff....)

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The one who was rarely seen without a camera hanging around his neck our first year.....the one who went on to be a star of stage, screen and television....well....maybe not the stage......and.....uh.....uh....I was gonna be in the alien crowd in Star Wars, Episode II, but they said I was too ugly even for makeup, so that fell through.....and television.....but uh.....they cancelled Survivor: 6 Flags Kiddie Park before it was even aired, so I didn't make that one.....well.....uh.....well......anyway.....I guess I just "went on".

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"The one who was rarely seen without a camera hanging around his neck our first year...."

whoa whoa whoa back up a minute. we (dear tuttle and i) were not there your first year. so that clue doesn't count.

the rest of your post was very funny. so then, you are jeffduclos or jeffpittinger, am i getting warmer, i'm reaching for a cookie now....

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