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warning - men only topic: watercloset mechanics


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This should probably be a different topic, but I am just so amazed at the patience and dedication that you and Bonnie have to these kids. I think we're on different pages on doctrinal details, but that is very minor compared to the core belief that being a follower of Christ is proven by actions not words. You and Bonnie are inspiring. When I have had moments of doubt, it is people like you that restore my faith by how you live, not by telling me what to think or say.

...and how's the dog doing?

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Ginger is fine, that incident was a while ago. It hurt the muscles along her back and spine. She could not raise her head. After laying down and resting, she would wimper when she had to get up again. All the children denied having done anything, and immediately Ginger would growl at all of the children. But within a week, she was not growling so much, and only did not like Tim. Now she is much better, and the only time, we can see any difference is when she has a bone or treat. She will not let Tim in the room with her if she has a bone. I usually just laugh at Tim, he is being treated as he should be. After a few months the kids did all admit to what had happened (except for Tim). I dont care, he is sadistic, mean and mischevious.

I had never actually combined those words together, until last week. During the intake interview with the 'residential treatment facility', the counselor was interviewing Bonnie and I about Tim's behavior, when he tried to summarize Tim's personality he said 'sadistic, mean and mischevious'. Bonnie and I were just looking at each other and recognized that yes that described the kid. Tim is only going in for treatment during the day on week days, 9-1. Later during treatment it may be seen as needed to make his treatment residential.

Tim's Attachment Disorders dont really allow him to become 'attached' to other people, so he really does not view us as family, nor even friends for that matter.

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Thanks for your post about your son. I'm sorry for all the fustration he has caused you. But inspite of it all, I'm sure you are the best lovers of his life. God Bless you real big.

I work with kids that are like your son. There is so much going on inside of them and for good reason. What ever happened to him in his yonger years are being acted-out now. I'm glad you got help and are open to treatment for tis little guy. Hang in there. LOVE YOU. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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I found that the water flows dwon from the Water-closet and into a 'ring' within the rim of the toilet bowl. The bottom-side or underneath of that ring is a series of holes or jets that direct the water down along the side of the bowl and they are pointed in such a manner that they cause the water to begin it's curcular spinning motion. When I located a small enough bottle brush to cleanout these holes, I found that things had had washed down and lodged within that ring and were then blocking the wter from flowing out smoothly. A few of the holes had white cotton strings hanging down through the holes, which I pulled through. And at least one item was in there that lodged in a hole that I broke aart with pliers. I still dont know what items exactly had been dropped into the watercloset, but that does seem to be the culprit.

'Someone' has been lifting the lid on the watercloset, and putting things into the water therein; perhaps to 'lose' them in the water.

We are very close to simply removing the bathroom door. It does not have a doorknob [the children broke that off a year ago, at about the same time as they broke off the newest door knobs from their bedroom doors].

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Long Gone:

"That has nothing to do with what I suggested. A toilet holds water in two places, the tank and the bowl. You raised the water level _in the tank_, which helped flushing by increasing the amount of water dumped from the tank to the bowl when you raise the flapper with the flush lever."

This is true. More water tends to help flush better, and to move things a little further down the sewage lines.

"What I suggested was decreasing the water level _in the bowl_, thereby increasing the distance from the seat to what you call the puddle, which is what you say you want."

Yes, I read that. the fill hose goes into the tank to re-fill the tank. You suggest that it go into the over-flow stand-pipe. To my understanding that would send water directly into the bowl raising the level of water in the bowl. I dont understand how pouring water into the stand-pipe would effect the level of water in the bowl.

Could you possibly rephrase?

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George Aar:

"At the risk of following Galen into the land of TMI, the "room" is only necessary when one is seated on the appliance. Personally, I don't care for bumping into the rim of the toilet seat. But, then, that's just me.."

I agree, I find it 'icky' to rub, or bump, or hang against the inside of the rim. Afterall in a public facility the previous men may have 'rubbed' against there. . . It is difficult to find models of bowls with sufficeint bowl elongation to avoid rubbing against the front when seated.

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"Well, you could push it back so it doesn't dangle to the front."

Hmm, pushing my hose to the back, would push it directly into the flight path of things falling from the rear ejection port.

I dont wnat my hose splashed.

I dont want my hose smeared with debrie from falling objects.

I dont want my hose to rub against the rim.

And 'NO' I will not hold my hose up out of the toilet while seated, as inadvertant leakage might occur causing a mess in the bathroom.

Is this too much to ask for?

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