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  1. Some people buy 'certificates'. Which are only paper. If you spend money to buy PMs, make sure that you hold PMs, and not paper to PMs.
  2. There are areas where land is still cheap.
  3. PMs I am hesitant to collect any PMs. Keeping in mind Executive Order 6102 required the confiscation of all gold from May 1, 1933, on up into the 1970s. Knowing that in an economic crisis our government will once again begin confiscating all gold, and possibly silver too. I do not feel it wise. Last year I got a new .50 cal rifle, then I began the search for ammo. Since there is an extreme ammo shortage right now. I got a lead melting furnace and molds for .50 caliber. Pure soft lead sells for $2 a pound, and cast into bullets lead sells for $42 a pound. Now I am stocking up on lead.
  4. Galen

    After Long Hiatus

    and within a week they are all gone. We have tried multiple times, we tried it over and over, year after year. Obviously you do not believe me, but I am telling you the truth.
  5. Galen

    After Long Hiatus

    We have had chickens. To each project there is a learning curve, that learning curve pushed us in the direction of doing 12-week meat birds, then they go to freezer camp. For 12-weeks each year we maintain chickens, and that gives us enough chicken to eat for a year. Since we live in dense forest, the predators are fierce. We have tried many times to allow chickens to free-range, but those efforts have never been successful. We can keep poultry inside coops just fine, but if they get out, it attracts predators and once that happens the predators hit so hard that they dig tunnels under the coops, they chew holes through the chicken wire to gain access into the coops, and they become relentless until after all chickens have been eaten. It is less work to just raise chickens for a short period of time and send them to the freezers. We have done much better raising pigs.
  6. Galen

    After Long Hiatus

    Maybe you should. Maine is over 92% forest, with many rivers. We bought two woodlots, one parcel with a small bit of peat bog on it for $350 an acre and the other parcel has a quarter-mile of river frontage for $770 an acre. For a total of 150 acres of land. We heat our home with firewood, and we have a solar power system for our home and recently got a hybrid car that recharges from our solar system. Property taxes are pretty low [$1.05 per acre].
  7. Galen

    After Long Hiatus

    I retired from the US Navy in 2001. At that time, I got active on Greasespot Cafe. I have since moved out into the woods of Maine, and re-invented myself as an off-grid organic farmer. This spring I celebrated 20 years of retirement. This summer I reached the age of eligibility for Social Security benefits. We attended twigs from the 1970s up until 2016. When we finally made a complete break from them.
  8. Galen

    After Long Hiatus

    I am still around.
  9. I think there is a time and a place for abortions. When my eldest son's wife was pregnant, an ultrasound noticed that inside the fetus' head there was no detectable brain. My immediate thought was, Oh no, if you give birth to a turnip, you need to care for this drooling child for years with no hope that they will ever become a self-sufficient adult. Please, this is the proper time to abort a fetus. His wife refused to have an abortion. "The fetus is living and growing it deserves a chance at life". She gave birth to a son with cerebral palsy [hydrocephalus]. My grandson is now four years old. He can not blink, nor swallow, his heart pumps and he can breath. He can not move his eyes, nor lift his head, or raise a finger. He is fed through a tube, and he will be for the rest of his life. Every week he gets bigger, Fortunately during the week of his birth, he qualified for life-long SSDI. The burden of care is huge for his mother. Soon he will be too big for his mother to lift him. We do what we can to offer our Daughter-in-law support and encouragement. But the stress was too much for their marriage.
  10. Are you suggesting that a baby takes its first breath sometime before it is born?
  11. A lot of religions make a big deal out of 'soul', the term is tossed around a lot. I find that among my non-TWI friends the words 'soul' and 'spirit' are often interchangeable. Visiting other churches the words do not carry any specific meaning. I enjoy studying the Bible, because in the Bible these words do have specific meanings, and they are not confused or interchangeable. I have been fairly active within FreeMasonry for a few decades, within their doctrine the word soul gets mangled pretty badly.
  12. Okay, yeah he screamed a lot, about everything.
  13. I do not recall ever hearing anyone 'scream' about it. Many times I have shared with our non-TWI friends the usages of 'nephesh chay'
  14. I am vaccinated. I have customers who testify to the benefit of Mullein for the treatment of their 'Rona symptoms. On the other hand, I do not know anyone who drinks it. Use it the same way as you do for an asthma attack.
  15. I do not know about HQ's stance on the 'rona vaccines. I do not that God has blessed my farm with a lot of wild Mullein this year. So I am harvesting it, and I have already given a lot to friends who are suffering from the 'rona. It seems to help a lot. Isn't that just like God? During a plandemic, He gives us the treatment. :)
  16. There are hundreds [if not thousands] of splinter groups still teaching various parts of VPW doctrine. Those groups would love to gain access to 'old way ministry' books and materials. People are still running PFAL classes.
  17. That is a wonderful post. I think you will find listening ears here.
  18. I believe that in each step of my life, I have been exactly where God wanted me to be. To experience something, to learn something, or maybe to help someone else.
  19. Galen

    A few thoughts

    Welcome back. It is good to see you again.
  20. Galen

    Random thoughts

    At 18, I enlisted and immediately after bootcamp I was able to drink beer on-base. I served on Active Duty for 20-years, on military bases it is up to the base commander whether or not he wishes to allow his underage troops to drink. The Navy's general policy is that if there is a nearby jurisdiction [within 40-miles or so] where troops could travel to and drink, then it is better to let them drink on-base. So like San Diego allows drinking on-base and Whitbey Island. Also Groton allows it.
  21. yes, parts one and two. Two different links. :)
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuIjVWnhyKw :)
  23. I had thought that since the verse says :11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, God gave, so this thing so it must be a gift.
  24. Sounds a lot like US Naval academy graduates.
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