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If you are offended by fat jokes, don't read this

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johniam    21

This is weird, but I know this girl who is sensitive about her height, of all things. She's 6 feet tall, which is probably above average for women, but she's good looking. I can't fathom why she would be sensitive about this but she is. Go figure.

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Ayla    0

Hi Abigail, yes the name is from Clan of the Cave Bear (same spelling) thanks for noticing.

I was not really going to post on this thread again nor am I interested in the controversy some same to see /or want!

First I am NOT easily offended but any thing but there are times when it is OK to say that something is inappropriate

Second I do not believe I am the thought Police and find that to be insulting and meant to be degrading. I put up with such when I was in I do not need to accept that now!!!!

Third there are many reasons someone is over weight other than over eating and laziness. There are many disorders that overweight is either a side effect of it or the drugs one must take because of it.

"I always do what my Rice Crispies tell me to."

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DamitJanet    0

I don't get that part. Please explain. That was in the second post.

I am over weight and I was laughing histerically through this.

Yes, having a place like this would be good for the sensitive.


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excathedra    123

damitjan, there's a joke if i can remember it.... how do you have a sex with a fat lady.... you roll her in flour and aim for the wet spots

i didn't think you guys (all inclusive) are police; you have every right to feel offended

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