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  2. This is a bit blurry. I couldn't find a high-res copy: As well as the movie, do you know the Star Trek homage? George
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  4. That should read, "You think old laws apply to you, but you are actually free from them."
  5. I've been waiting for another comment......however that's not happening. I thought that my last clue about Liam Neeson's height would have sprung an idea. Lincoln is the movie that director Steven Spielberg took 12 years to develop. After 10 years of development Spielberg decided that he would only do Lincoln if Daniel Day Lewis took the role. Daniel Day Lewis won his third Best Actor Oscar and then retired but came back after five years (2017) to do his final film (Phantom Thread) before retiring again. Abraham Lincoln was 6' 4" tall. I didn't want to give the time period because I felt it would have been too revealing. Speilberg addressed Day Lewis as "Mr. President, Sally Field as Mary or by her childhood nickname Molly and others by their character names. Until I post something if someone wants to take this go ahead.
  6. I'm guessing that our good friend Gabe does NOT see how judgmental it sounds.
  7. "Me. And you. God only knows it's not what we would choose to do "Forward!" he cried From the rear And the front rank died And the general sat And the lines on the map Moved from side to side. b]Black. And blue. And who knows which is which and who is who? Up. And down. And in the end it's only round and round and round. "Haven't you heard It's a battle of words?" The poster bearer cried. "Listen, son," Said the man with the gun, "There's room for you inside."" [/b] "Down. And out. It can't be helped but there's a lot of it about. With. Without. And who'll deny it's what the fighting's all about? Out of the way It's a busy day I've got things on my mind For want of the price Of tea and a slice The old man died."
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  9. Lug wrench. Sounds like somebody's pulling my leg - if not my ears. "Lugs" is a slang word for ears. And "lughole" is an ear canal.
  10. Perhaps we should congratulate Waxit for a Grease Spot Cafe record for adding a phrase of his promotion and mindset to his posts. Congratulations Waxit!
  11. Ignore? Or accept the heart of it? The heart of it is: rest, on a regular basis. And I have told you, time and again, how it is that I personally honour God and God's rest. I did ask you why God would be so petty as to demand that rest be on one particular day only, and condemn all those who love him but honour him on a different day. You didn't answer that. It's good that you honour God on a regular basis each week; I'm glad that you so choose. I think you're going to be awfully upset if you find that the calendar isn't as you think and you find you are sabbathing on, say, Wednesday, or Tuesday. Oops! I do not accept your (church's) assertion that one can know what day the original "7th day" was. Nor do I think it necessary to know.
  12. Do you see how judgmental this sounds? "I agree to differ" but you're sill wrong and you're gonna be shocked come judgment time, because you think you have special exemption and I, Waxit, say that you don't. Waxit, it may be the other way round! You think old laws apply to you and you are actually free from them. Maybe Jesus will say, "Waxit, why do you keep putting yourself into bondage? Do you like shackles, when I paid the price for you? Is what I did somehow not enough for you?"
  13. Ye shall not add unto the word … BUT THEN YOU DO ADD by including the words "7TH DAY SABBATH"!!!!!!
  14. Perhaps we should thank Waxit for inspiring us to do the research showing that the day of Sabbath is NOT important compared to faith in Jesus Christ. Yet Waxit wants to continually try to add his mindset to the scriptures. As one of MANY examples here on GSC doctrinal. Waxit has a long post with his comments that include accusations to someone named Mark Sanguinetti, yet Waxit does this with only one scripture quote , while again trying to get people to ignore the context of the one scripture that Waxit quotes from, while again trying to add his mindset of the 7th day Sabbath to one scripture. Here is the context of the one scripture that Waxit quotes from while again trying to add his mindset to the scripture. Because I do not have time to write comments now regarding these scriptures because of other biblical research that I am doing with even a biblical book with articles that I am writing. I am instead simply copying from a biblical commentary pertaining to Romans 3:19-31. And this is something that Waxit will again try to get people to ignore, while he adds his Mindset to scriptures. The day of Sabbath is not mentioned in the epistle to the Gentile Romans. Thank you again Waxit for inspiring us here on Grease Spot Cafe to do the biblical research that shows that following the Old Testament law's day of Sabbath is not important in comparison to faith in Jesus Christ.
  15. Having moved from Illinois to Texas, years ago, I've found that a lot of things are referred to differently, even within the US. For example. North: lug wrench South: tire tool (or tire iron) North: forklift South: tow motor North: access road South: feeder George
  16. This is the very last time you will see me replying to you in gsc public forum - I dont really care what kind of comments you make from now on Just to clarify your above comment for the last time Promotion is the wrong word- Declaring the truth is more appropriate. I dont have any hatred that the pharisees - if i do have hatred than i have sinned and i honestly dont have hatred but just sad that no one in gsc has responded positively to God's 7th day sabbath commeanment I dont know where you got this idea that I am a pharisee type- not as bad as a pharisee but still a pharisee- that's absolute nonsense and you also judging me and the worst part, judging me wronly I think you make these type of comments because you just dont get it rearding the validity of the 7th day sabbath - you have got your understanding of the sabbath reversed from what it is actually sayong Do you go to the ucg link - i sent you- do go there Mark, seriously and you will then be able o answer people from the scriptures https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/booklets/sunset-to-sunset-gods-sabbath-rest/jesus-christ-and-the-sabbath when they are ask you why 7th day sabbath is important. You wont be rubbishing it when you understand how the 7th day sabbath fits perfectly into the plan of God and why it's very important If you visit the link, you will learn the meaning of the sabbath and why it's so important and you will stop making comments like the one above The phrase "Sabbath is made for Man and not Man for the Sabbath is misunderstood by a lot of christians and is a favourite excuse for anti sabbatarians because they think the Lord is saying, you dont have to keep the sabbath I the Lord am Lor of the sabbath and i the Lord give you the authority to do what you like- Thats absolute hogwash Why am I saying thiws? For the simple reason that God will not break His own laws. Refer to Exodus 20:8-11 on your software look at what Paul is saying- anywhere in the bible where it says, "commandments" referring to God's commandments not man made commandments (judaism) - it includes the 4th commandment- i.e 7th day sabbath commandment Romans 3:31 31 Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law. (includes the 7th day sabbath commandment) What will happen in America- if there was total lawlessness, anyone can go the bank- rob the bank and get away with it. The police will not come after you- like this you can do anything like- lie, murder If this is the case then there will be absolute mayhem and a total breakdown of society- so what about the universe over which God is in control- it will fall apart if God was a lawless God and did not follow His own governing laws. Jesus Christ as the "Lord of the Sabbath" doesnt mean He gives you the authorty to do what you like but that you follow His example of what He is and what He created the 7thday Sabbath and the Lord of the Sabbath. Ignoring and going against the 7th day Sabbath is going against the spiritual law of God and as a result there is a break down in relationship with God- The 7th day sabbath is a commandment that specifically relates to relationship and fellowship with God Yes! The pharisees hated Jesus Christ - they couldnt fault him because He was already keeping the keeping the sabbath so they tried to muscle in on "how he was keeping the sabbath"- Mark, noe there's a very important difference between saying "keeping the sabbath" and "how He and his disciples were keeping the sabbath" If you read the gospels Mark, I gurantee you there iws not one single time, the pharisess confronted Jesus Christ about whether "He kept the sabbath" but rather "How He kept the sabbath". The pharisees wanted Jesus o obey their man ade laws (judaism) When it says sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath You will see in Genesis that God created man first before He created the 7th day That shows He took into account the needs of man for pphysical rest and also the need to rest in God- a special day at the end of week to commune with God and a day devoted to God in godly acivities likes fellowship,studying, meditating on the word of God So Sabbath was specifically made for man so how can man (dust of the earth) turn around and ignore the 7th day sabbath which was made for him God did not make the sabbath and then tried to conform man to fit the sabbath. No, no ,no God made man and took into account the needs of man for physical rest and for him to rest in God (spiritual rest and revitalising example reading the word, meditation on the word of God, worship of the one true God etc and then He created the 7th day sabbath Can you see now how "Sabbath was made for Man and Not Man for Sabbath" and how this fits into God's plan for the well being of Man
  17. Yep! we will agree to differ. I agree that most of christianity ignores the 7th day sabbath and i have stated this again and again. It doesnt necessarily mean you guys who are anti 7day sabbath are right- even if 99% is against he 7th day sabbath commandment it doesn't mean you are right. (Rev 12:9). So I agree to differ and I am really happy that God opened my eyes but I will respect what others believe- you are entitled to believe what you want to believe. I just dont want to be shocked come judgement time. If you are pretty confident and believe that Matt 7:22 doesnt apply to you and somehow you have special exemption and btw when Jesus Christ comes back - it's not the age of grace anymore- He is coming back to judge- 1 Peter 4:17 so if all this doesnt bother you- so be it- i will leave it at that I have one last question for you though which may or may not give you food for thought and I would be interested to know your thoughts This is the question that i asked and you have left unanswered: Why is it that among all the 10 commandments- most believing christian respect and obey- all the other 9 commandments as in thout shalt not lie, thou shalt not steal...and so forth but ignore the 4th commandment to keep the 7th day Sabbath I cannot understand how we can ignore one of God's commandments (they are all important), so why do christians choose to ignore the specific 7th day sabbath which is clearly a part of the 10 commandments? especially when God also says in: Deuteronomy 4:2 2 Ye shall not add unto the word (7th day sabbath) which I command you, neither shall ye diminish (keep any of the other 6 days week for the weekly sabbath ) ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you. Your thoughts on this Twinky?
  18. The Goodies, Series 5, Episode 7. "Kung Fu Kapers." Aired March 24, 1975. In January 2020, it was declared to be the fans' favorite episode. Ok, I don't know much about the Two Ronnies. I DO know that I recommend the following skits: Four Candles, Swedish Made Simple, My Blackberry Is Not Working.
  19. If you were very drunk, you might be p1$$ed as a f@rt. (Why a f@rt, I have no idea.)
  20. Someone who lived in California for a while once told me that they use it the British way there (meaning drunk.)
  21. In the US, the older generation tends to say ....ed off, while the younger generation shortens it to ....ed.
  22. Holy crap!  I've been having issues signing in for two years now and just figured out what I was doing wrong.  :doh:  Everything appears to be fine now.

  23. Now, here's a misleading one. "I'm p1$$ed." In the UK, this means "I'm drunk," but in the US means "I'm angry/annoyed/unhappy," which in the UK might be "I'm p!$$ed off."
  24. No I don't think so. Everything I've posted is either taken from IMDB or Wikipedia. I've not thrown in any of my own personal evaluation through-out any of my posts. Liam Neeson is 6' 4" its a fact. He touched artifacts. But he wasn't the actor who played the part. He quit after a lengthy period of time and his wife (actress Natashe Richardson ) died in a skiing accident. The Oscar winning actor did retire from movies for five years after the film. He came back for one more movie and then retired for good.
  25. Ecky Thump? Never heard of. I don't like The Two Ronnies. Bit too daft, for my liking. Blackadder could be surprisingly good.
  26. No it doesn't I never said that. I said Leo de Caprio encouraged the lead actor to think about taking the role again. I didn't say they were a slam-dunk WordWolf. I said there was enough there to solve the trivia question, or at least warrant a few guesses. I guess I could look more deeply into this but I don't know the significance of it, only as I had said, the actor wanted the voice he chose to do for the role to be heard first by the director.
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