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  2. Some of those names seem familiar, but I'm not getting it, yet. George
  3. I wonder what might have happened if Wierwille actually had loved people just because rather than for what they could do for him.
  4. I feel inclined to blow my mind Get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun They all come out to groove about Be nice and have fun in the sun New: I'd like to go there now with you You can miss out school - Won't that be cool Why go to learn the words of fools?
  5. DWBH......metastasized indeed. Hearing of *Charlie Quillen* after all these years and "The Solution Radio Show"...... is another example of "everyone's got a psalm and doctrine." If I remember correctly, he is another one of those guys that wierwille despised for leaving hq and splitting out on his own [around 1981, 1982]. Much like wierwille ...... when he calculated that he needed 6 more families to faithfully tithe ........ these splinter groups CALCULATE when they can have their **break-away** moment and BE IN CHARGE. What does it take? Faithful Tithing. Sponsorship. Big Donors. 80 people? 120 people? Amass a group of followers. Get dedicated followers to "spread the message." If genuine......signs, miracles and wonders will follow. If counterfeit......NEVER ALLOW THE MASK TO SLIP. Start a radio show. Establish a website. Do weekly teachings. Relentlessly tell people that YOU have the answers. Network and ally with others for specific events. Guard against zealous, competitive corps leadership. Strategically distance yourself, and group, from the mother-ship. ........just like wierwille did, when he splintered from Leonard's work.
  6. Do you have any evidence that anyone in the 21st Century actually KNOWS whether the devil did appear literally as a dragon anywhere to anyone?
  7. Please clarify the question.
  8. "W´╗┐hat part of Georgia you from? South Central?" "Oh good, they've opened the salad bar." "I should have never worn these shoes. They just don't match my purse." "I've been in here for a while. Perhaps I could be of service. Do you have any questions?" "What are you in for?" "Jaywalking." "Are you with me? Yea or Nay?" "Well which one means yes?" "Yea." " I hope's it worth the NOISE! "
  9. George Prager Ostap Bender Harry Crystal Akmed Khazzan Harold Canterbury James Tiernan Thomas De La Plata Leland Carver Jeffrey Roston Bob Alexander Noah Banes Vic Grimes "Wild Bill" Burgess Perry Needham Krohn Boris Balkan Robert Denright Blaine De Castillon Edgar Price
  10. Which means this is George's turn.
  11. Some people including the person that thinks Adam and the serpent are the same, simply do not understand spiritual and look at everything as physical and material. So was the God of this world who is a spiritual being or fallen angel according to one of the foundations of the bible appear as a literal serpent in the book of Genesis? Did the devil appear literally as a dragon in the book of Revelation 12:9? Revelation 12:9 9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. NKJV The devil or Satan only appeared as a serpent and a dragon if this spiritual fallen angel wanted to look ugly to Eve and ugly as read in the book of Revelation. Yes looking ugly would make deception more difficult and challenging for the spiritual deceptive being. However, perhaps serpents and dragons look sweet and beautiful. At least to crazy people or to blind people. And certainly to people that are both crazy and blind.
  12. Last week
  13. I shouldn't have answered. I'll be on a cruise for the next week. Will not be checking in. Free post unless you guys want to wait until my return.
  14. Great thing about the GYM is that getting there is half the babble.
  15. I feel inclined to blow my mind Get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun They all come out to groove about Be nice and have fun in the sun
  16. "What part of Georgia you from? South Central?" "Oh good, they've opened the salad bar." "I should have never worn these shoes. They just don't match my purse." "I've been in here for a while. Perhaps I could be of service. Do you have any questions?" "What are you in for?" "Jaywalking."
  17. George Prager Ostap Bender Harry Crystal Akmed Khazzan Harold Canterbury James Tiernan Thomas De La Plata Leland Carver Jeffrey Roston Bob Alexander Noah Banes Vic Grimes
  18. I like Yes, but I really don't know a lot of their songs well, at least to name the lyrics. Going to post another song?
  19. Hi, this is Charlene Edge who wrote Undertow. Yes, it is true that I included some information on this topic in my book. For a first-hand account from one of VPW's "girls," I always refer people to Kristen Skedgell's memoir, Losing The Way. Also, other women spoke out in another book, by Karl Kahler, called The Cult that Snapped: A Journey Inside The Way International.
  20. I think the Genesis record and the "serpent" is the classic religious train wreck where supporting an interpretation of an idea is more important than the idea of the record. Now - Gawd forbid that someone insert their own god warrantied brain into it but it would seem to me the record is an invitation to "selah". To consider what the Writer might be telling me using the most expressive language they can. I am perfectly willing to read it on face value, take it as is, and do that. Far be it from me to argue with God or his earliest scribes, my prayer is simply to get the message. Put it into another highly opinionated and emotionally drive topic like politics. Say I call a politician, okay let's say Trump, I call Trump an ignorant swine. Or Nancy Pelosi - equal opp offender here - Pelosi is an ignorant swine. And now let's go into that circle of swirling dipshit on facebook where these things are debated seriously and endlessly and break it down - "ignorant" means "lacking education or knowledge." "swine means" 1. Any of various omnivorous, even-toed ungulates of the family Suidae, having a stout body with thick skin, a short neck, and a movable snout, especially the domesticated pig. 2. A person regarded as contemptible or disgusting. And now let's put together that group of people who are .... actually going to debate, discuss, dismantle and re ass emble multiple platforms and positions on what these words mean, how they're used historically and how they apply or don't apply to this current usage.....and let them go at it for awhile but stop it midway, say after about 5,478 comments, replies, smilies and laughing icons. Nowhere near done yet but for the sake of this discussion, under 10,000 important and insightful comments towards finally solving this important question of if this is right or not. Or what.... Now - I know that kind of discussion goes on. I see it, I try to steer clear most of the time and although I have relative opinions about the performance of both those people under discussion I'm not going to invest a lot of time or energy in whether they are now, ever were or could be at some time in the future, "ignorant swine" in the sense of the words being literally true to some definition of them being high-school drop out, even-toed pigs. Why? Well, lots of reasons but mostly because I myself know that the word "swine" can be used to describe both pigs AND people I want to describe as contemptible or who for one reason or another I don't like or disagree with. And I already know that a human isn't a pig, even if they have seem to act like it. In fact, my image of their "swine-liness" is probably even an exaggeration of an actual swine, but in usage most everyone - most everyone but not all - kinda gets the point at first hearing and might be more inclined to debate the temerity on display in it's usage. Or something. At this point I'm not even sure if this is an exact comparison, as the hebrew word translated "serpent" or "snake" in Genesis is "nachash/nakhash" and it's root definition seems to mean and include an intuitive skill or intelligence, where something can happen or be accomplished but where the effort or work done to accomplish it isn't immediately visible or obvious....thus, a sense of "magic" or wonder accompanies it. "Shining", "brilliant" are part of it. A snake is an animal whose very movement forward or back seems to be a marvel of engineering and to me the relationship makes sense. So - it was the "serpent". Which came first, the snake or someone going "oooooooh! look a dat thing!"......? Dunno, but I think I get the word and how it could be applied to different things, people, stuff. But if that was Trump or Pelosi we wouldn't be debating if they were actual snakes or swine and only a very few people, like those who believe that Area 51 is really where the alien invaders developed the Ben and Jerry ice cream as part of a long term strategy to enslave the earth, are going to debate that reality. Anyway, I'm not a Hebrew scholar or academic or theologian with an expert's grasp on the religious history involved in the record and it's many translations and interpretations. I do know however that any English version of the Bible that I use and read is a TRANSLATION and an INTERPRETATION of some earlier, more original version, be it written in Koine Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic or any other dialect of any other "ancient" language. One thing I did learn in PFAL and since many times over is that someone some where has to interpret and translate, has to come up with an English language version that I can read, even letting it "speak for itself" when they produce the INTERPRETATION......... I can do some of that work myself, and it has appeared now lo these many years later that a reasonable approach is to sit down with my Bible and whatever other tools I can use and - prayerfully - read it and ask the God recorded in it to guide and help me, as He will. Thus and so - if someone still has to have a snake, it really doesn't matter since I asked a snake myself at one point if it had heard the stories about it's ancestors and Eve and it just looked at me and slithered away, which would prove to many that YES of course it knows them, and it refuses to discuss and waddya-expect-from-a-snake! but to me just meant - hey that's a snake. I also don' think the serpent was really Adam because if it had been it would have .... said that. And it didn't.
  21. I just read that 40-year old letter again. What struck me (slapped me in the face) this time was that Wierwille said, "I love you for who you are." Oooops, that's not it, instead he actually wrote, "I love you for the privilege and responsibility you have." What was that "privilege?" As he taught (indoctrinated) H.I.S. way corpse, the privilege was having been called to be "doulos." Literally a slave. One who no longer has freedom to make her/his own life choices. Of course, in the indoctrination, it was slave to God. In practice, it was slave to Wierwille and his successors. The reward for the slave? To serve the earthly master on the basis of a bass-ackward interpretation of what leadership is supposed to be... and what Wierwille and successors could con you into believing you'd get at the "Bema." When you stood before God for rewards in heaven. Not unlike the mythical 70 virgins another religion promised for heinous acts of terrorism.
  22. All of these newly-exited corps are purposely dismissing The Wierwille Doctrine. Corps teaching after corps teaching.....(and Sunday Service Teachings, too).......wierwille claimed that the ONLY WAY to "stand on the Word" was to remain faithful in the way international. If you left.....you went out into the dark night of the soul. These corps, who've jumped into these new splinter cults (to try and make a splash)........are deceiving themselves. Wierwille could NOT have been more clear. If you left him/twi........you were "NOT on the Word." He relentlessly taught - - - "The Word is the Ministry and the Ministry is the Word." If you leave the ministry (twi).......YOU LEAVE THE WORD. THAT is what wierwille taught.......(and that's why it was, as is, a cult).
  23. Wierwille despised the "Reverends" who left him/twi. Any clergy who exited twi and, STILL, used the "reverend" title......wierwille denigrated. The Wierwille Doctrine: Standing on The Word was ONLY available to those in twi's household. Period. Read the December 1978 Corps Letter ------ "The least you could do if you were ordained and now you're outside the household of The Way is never to used the term 'Reverend.'
  24. Ok, I think it's time to retire this one. The name of the song is "Yours is no Disgrace" by Yes.
  25. Sounds like my kinda deal...a GYM with "no sweat". You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool Mom. Don't even try.
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