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    does anyone know who the drummer was for TAKIT ? iirc his fisrt name was Willie.
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    thanks for the info. i went to a fellowship DG was running for about a year. i dont know why DG told me and the other people in his twig he never played for takit. maybe he meant he didnt play on the album. i was shocked at Daves reply. i was going to DG's fellowship when he packed up and left to SF around 1988. i wish takit had put their names on the album cover. thanks for the info. btw the drugs reference is from the movie "my cousin Vinny" !
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    do what dude ?! are you on drugs ?! me missunderstood sumthin ?! if you read my post i clearly stated i was going to a fellowship run by Dave Garribaldi. i brought up TAKIT and during the conversation Dave said he never played drums for TAKIT. he told me that other believers thought he did to. i never asked if he was involved or not involved with TAKIT in other ways. you dig bro ?
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    i saw that TAKIT credit on that website. Dave said he never played drums for TAKIT but its possible he helped the drummer. he could have help mix , helped produce , etc and thats why hes credited.
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    no Garribaldi didnt play drums for TAKIT. i thought the same thing until i started going to Daves fellowship in Northridge around 1988. i asked Dave about playing for TAKIT and he made it clear to me and his fellowship that he never was in TAKIT, he never drummed for TAKIT. he said people think he is but the drummer was a guy named Willie that looks just like him from a distance. Dave and some other believers put out and album called "wishful thinking". yeah that drummer could be Daves twin. i went to Daves fellowship for about a year and then Dave moved to san francisco. Daves fellowship consisted of about 10 drummers me being one a them. well , why not have an all drummer twig ?! LOL !
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    I have the Takit ep. there are 2 songs they did called "Would you like to be a slave" and "all tied up" and several others that are not on the ep. does anyone know if those were released to the public ? thanks