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    THAT is an argument. One that's worth the time to consider. (Contrast that with Spectrum49's use of the word argumentative above) I do not necessarily endorse it as my view of life or the Bible... but that's okay. But It is a legitimate presentation of a reasonable thinking process that incorporates one person's understanding of the Bible without trying to shove something down anyone's throat. It's not a regurgitation of something in an anachronistic class presented by a cult.
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    rrobs: I'm assuming you meant well by starting this topic. Having read it entirely, I did appreciate your having admitted the following concerning your own treatment of Acts 17:11: Oct 12th: "Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I learned something from it." (and) "Sometimes I go too fast. Gotta slow down, especially in handling God's word." Oct 13th: "Point taken. You have valid claims. Thanks for the input. It has helped. I'll take it to heart for my next post. I always like to improve." So, (at least) this demonstrates your willingness to concede a point when convinced otherwise, which causes me to consider you "might do the same" if I dare responding to an appeal you frequently made throughout, namely: Oct 6: "...please tell me from the word where anything I said is not aligned with that word." Oct 7: "I didn't ask you, the reader, to support my claims. I asked to to show me where I'm off. So far nothing and I don't think there will be anything because what I said is in perfect alignment with the word. If you don't think so, then tell me where." Oct 11: "But after all this why hasn't anybody told me where my post if off the mark?" [and] "I would think that anybody that disagrees with my post should explain why they disagree..." [and] "So again, where is my post off? If anybody can tell me chapter and verse where I'm off, then I will change my thinking on the matter." That said, OKAY rrobs: "I'll bite": But first of all, know that my intent is NOT to be argumentative. And please be mindful that (although I WILL include scripture references) I'm hoping the ones I choose will suffice as "authoritative enough in your eyes" to support my position, without "going on and on" --- which would tend toward overkill. I'll also appeal with what's considered by most as "good old common horse sense". (Yet, if you STILL require further clarification, I'll certainly try to be patient.) In your first paragraph, you began: "The quality of life of a society is ultimately determined by the thoughts that each individual in that society holds in their mind. Those thoughts in turn are dependant on the things each individual is told by sources outside of ourselves. That is basic to life." You're proposing that what society becomes as a whole is entirely dependent upon what individuals think, which is derived from what they are told. And the KEY word which stands out to me is "TOLD", which (in your second paragraph) speaks of what some refer to these days as the "lame-stream media". (LOL) But! Let's back up and continue your remarks in that first paragraph, where you provide THE REASON why your proposal must be true: "Someone telling you they love you fills your mind with positive thoughts. Should that same person tell you they hate you, your mind tends towards more negative thoughts." Personally, I must disagree with your reasoning here, because (unlike the Word of God) what you've declared is NOT always true. Simply: Just because "someone says they love me" my mind is NOT "full of positive thoughts". What if I hear that from someone who has proven in times past that he hates me? Am I full of joy? NO WAY! (I'm just not gullible enough to take him seriously.) And let's also evaluate what you said next: If that SAME person (the one who hates me) admits that he hates me (which is actually being honest!) does my mind "tend toward negative thoughts"? HELL NO! Why not? Because I evaluate what I hear BEFORE I dare let it influence my heart. In other words, I think for myself. And after that, you then propose "your solution" to this problem (which I've just demonstrated is NOT a problem to me personally) saying: "To reverse this each individual must change the diet upon which their mind feeds." And just what is it you're trying to "reverse"? In context, it can only refer to (using your own words) "a society with a low quality of life." In other words, you're implying that it's possible to change society for the better...which actually sounds like an admirable endeavor. But (alas) this hope of yours is quite futile. Let me explain why I believe this to be true: Underlying all of this is the crazy notion that "if enough individuals would stop feeding their minds on the negative media from the world and put on the positive message from the Word of God, then society will improve." But sadly, there just aren't enough individuals to accomplish such a thing. Even if a MAJORITY of the world's population promoted things of a positive nature, that STILL wouldn't "reverse the trend". Why? First of all, the only ones who COULD accomplish this (if it were even possible) would be those who trust in the TRUE God. Assuming this would be "the real Christians", what does Scripture answer to that? One example is: "Many are called, but few are chosen." Assuming you understand what's behind that statement, you KNOW we'll never have a majority in that regard, so you can forget that as "a possible solution to the ills of society". But even that's a moot point when you merely consider this one verse: 2Tim 3:13 "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." (And please don't forget to also consider "the overall context" of that verse!) Spiritually speaking, this describes the very nature of they who make up the VAST MAJORITY of the people on this planet. No matter what we do, society in general IS going to become worse and worse, both in numbers and in quality. And there's NOTHING you or I can possibly do to "reverse that trend". And if you ever get to where you suppose you're succeeding in such a "worthy endeavor", then your mind is in direct opposition to what God has already declared to be the future of society as we know it. Surely, we understand that (eventually) ALL OF THIS will be replaced with "a new heaven and earth". Concerning the rest of your original post (Matt 4:4 and 2Pet 1:3, with explanations as to how they relate to the matter at hand) --- all of that is little more than an attempt to support your premise that individuals can (as you said near the end) "do something positive to change the course of our world". So, can we individuals have ANY impact on society whatsoever? YES! We can share the light of the Word with people and do our best to teach them how they might "think for themselves" and enjoy their lives here upon earth until Christ returns. BUT! Can we reverse the trend in society from just getting worse and worse to somehow becoming better and better? Or are we ever going to "change the course of our world" and negate what God prophesied concerning its eventual destruction? Sadly, no! And truthfully, I'm not sad about that one iota. Rather (knowing I've been "saved from the wrath to come") I'm quite ELATED!
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    Point taken. You have valid claims. Thanks for the input. It has helped. I'll take it to heart for my next post. I always like to improve.


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